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Jun 07 2008

Adult Stem Cell Treatments Flourish, While Embryonic Stem Cell Research Goes Nowhere

Embryonic Stem Cell Research is another over-hyped activity that has never produced a single cure or therapy.  In fact, because of the complexities involved in controlling the human genetic code the idea of turning on and off the genes like switches on a board to make a cure was always a fantasy fed to the […]

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Apr 22 2008

Adult Stem Cell Producing Many Results

Those new to this site might no have been keeping up with my position on embryonic stem cell research and how I find it another example of snake oil chicanery. I have a BS in biology and understand the challenges of decoding the myriad factors required to turn on/off genes so they can express themselves […]

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Jan 27 2008

McCain Is No Pro-Life Conservative

Folks, McCain is not a conservative in one key area – he is not pro-life. He opposes abortion, but that is the choice of one mother over one pregnancy. However, McCain is all for corporations slaughtering thousands of young humans each year for research and spare parts (e.g., profits): Campaigning in South Carolina, Republican presidential […]

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Jan 14 2008

Organs Grown From Adult Stem Cells vs. Stolen From Graves

People need to see understand what extremes exist within the medical community. In the UK where the government bureaucrats run medicine (and because of that fact they have squashed all incentive for research and new ideas) they are planning on raiding the bodies of dead people for spare parts: [PM] Gordon Brown has thrown his […]

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Jan 10 2008

Another Reason Not To Kill Young Humans (aka Embryos)

The need to kill young humans for spare parts hit another snag today: A drug used for arthritis can reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer’s “in minutes”. It appears to tackle one of the main features of the disease – inflammation in the brain. The drug, called Enbrel, is injected into the spine where it blocks […]

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Dec 07 2007

Another Major Adult Stem Cell Breakthrough, Signals End Of Embryonic Research

As if to drive a stake through the heart of Embryonic Stem Cell Research, which took a hit just a few days ago with the news of a way to create stem cells from human skin cells, we now learn of another major breakthrough in adult stem cell therapies, which as has been announced: Using […]

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Dec 04 2007

Embryonic Stem Cell Snake Oil Continues To Flow

Just a reminder that I have a BS degree in Biology so I am fairly qualified to give my opinions on the Stem Cell debate. With that said, I do not use much of my degree in my career as Systems Engineer for NASA and the DoD – but I did do biological research under […]

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Nov 22 2007

More Media Ignorance On Stem Cells

The proponents of embryonic stem cell research continue to deny their mistakes in light of the new process of turning skin cells into stem cells. And they continue to try and rationalize why they were not that wrong, and in the process exposing their gaping ignorance of the basic science of biology that is at […]

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Nov 21 2007

Embryonic Stem Cell Lies Continue

Stem Cell Lies Continue – but at least it is the falsehood of pretending what positions the ESCR fanatics took now that they have egg on their face with the recent news on stem cells derived from skin cells. Those who claimed you had to kill young humans to gain access to stem cells are […]

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Nov 20 2007

Say Goodbye To Harvesting Young Humans For Spare Parts

The need for Embryonic Stem Cell Research is now gone. Instead of creating factories full of young human beings (they ain’t monkey embryos) and heading towards a future where there are more human embryos waiting to be harvested for spare parts than in wombs waiting to live, the Adult Stem Cell path has proven to […]

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