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Jul 24 2005

Tragic Mistake

The news that the man shot dead in the London Underground was not a terrorist is a result I had feared initally might come to pass, as anyone can tell from tell from reading my initial post. I had been relieved at one point to hear the man was connected to the bombings. But late […]

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Jul 22 2005

London Under Siege Again?

More breaking news out of London. We posted earlier on the shooting, hoping it was truly a bad guy. Apparently it was. Eyewitnesses described mayhem at Stockwell Tube station today after a suspected suicide bomber was shot dead fleeing from armed police. One said the man was shot five times as he ran on to […]

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Jul 21 2005

Breaking: London Subway Evacuated, Bombings

Tube lines have been evacuated, too eary to tell what is happening; LONDON – Two weeks after suicide attacks on subway stations and a bus, police evacuated three subway stations and a bus after reports of smoke and an explosion Thursday. Police said one person was hurt but it was not a “major incident.” Worth […]

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Jul 21 2005

Bomb Mastermind Arrested

Drudge had an alert notice on his site, but the British papers are just now getting this out, but it appears the mastermind behind the 7/7 bombings in London was arrested in Pakistan and has ties to Bin Laden: A Briton said to have been held in Pakistan over the London terror attacks had telephone […]

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Jul 19 2005

7 Suspects Arrested In Pakistan

Seven people possibly associated with the London bombings were arrested in Pakistan. LONDON – Police rounded up seven Islamic militants in Pakistan to determine whether the London bombing plot stretched to South Asia and Prime Minister Tony Blair asked British Muslim leaders Tuesday to weed out extremists blamed for radicalizing their young followers. Investigators are […]

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Jul 19 2005

Involuntary Bombers?

John O’Sullivan reports on a theory about the London bombers being dupes and not kamikazee-type martyrs. [Hat tip: RealClearPolitics}. Interesting angles if true, but here are some of the arguments Here is the evidence: They bought return railway tickets. Their bombs were not strapped to their bodies but carried in knapsacks as if to be […]

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Jul 16 2005

How The AQ Cult Recruits

The method of brain washing used by the cult of islamic fascism appears to be powerful, yet simple. This article shows how the power of images and music is used to seduce the young into an over exaggerated reality, where dying is the only answer Amear Ali remembers how the film images clicked by in […]

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Jul 16 2005

Muslims Fail To Stand Against Terror

Changed the Title based on updates below I had hoped the Muslim community would realize the problem they face and speak out against terrorism, but this British Muslim announcement is meaningless: Muslim leaders and scholars condemned the London bombings Friday but stopped short of criticizing all suicide attacks, with some of them saying those targeting […]

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Jul 16 2005

Cultism of Jones and Bin Laden

Cultism and its power to control and destroy people is nothing new. From Jim Jones here in the use it is not a big stretch to Bin Laden and the London bombers. And the families of some of the bombers are beginning to wake up and see the danger the Bin Laden cultists represent LONDON, […]

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Jul 16 2005

US Muslims Speak Out

Well, it is a start American Muslims have launched an advertising campaign to denounce acts of terrorism after bombers believed to be British Muslims killed at least 54 people in attacks on London. “Any effort by terrorists to hide their criminal activities under the mask of religious piety is being categorically and unequivocally rejected by […]

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