Nov 23 2005

Plame Game Round Up, 11/23/05

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Some small news out and about on the Plame Game. Apparently Jack Cashill at World Net Daily is beginning to focus in and capture angles on Plame Game with a second in a series of articles. The first article I dissected and corrected here. The new article doesn’t require any major corrections I can tell and his here.

This focuses on the potential and probable scenario Joe Wilson outed Valerie to Kristof (and in my opinion Pincus). But what people seem to miss is Wilson is the obvious source for outing Valerie and Brewster-Jennings when he went back and redistributed a $2000 Kerry donation from himself to a $1000 Kerry donation from him and his wife. Since Joe was the source of the original donation only he can authorize a change. And since he is the husband of Valerie he probably could make the change to her name for her. That is the big news, IMHO.

NewsMax also has a story on the clumsy retraction by Andrea Mitchell about her foreknowledge about Valerie. I don’t buy her ‘dumb’ routine. She what is a shocker is she was never called to testify by ‘ol eagle-eye Fitzgerald (nothing gets by that man!).

And we end with a heart breaker for liberal fanatics:

Journalist Bob Woodward, caught up in a scandal over the outing of a CIA agent, has said neither the president, vice-president nor defence secretary had divulged the spy’s name.

Should we put the rabid left on suicide watch?


Tom Maguire has a good analysis of Mitchell’s spinning and misdirecting, like when she claims not to have testified to Fitzgerald, but fails to mention her being questioned by the FBI for the investigation Fitzgerald was leading. A distinction without any purpose than to mislead the public.

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  1. agnolobronzino says:

    when is someone going to confront chris matthews for his jihad against dick cheney ive been watching alomost continuously since llate oct night after night its wWATERGATE II,[REDUX] with Cheney as the evil puppetmeister. and of course they speculated that he was woodwards deep throat 2 , but now the betting is on armitage. who does cheney sue to get his reputation back[ a la donovan of reagan administration} and isnt there some way of SHAMING MATTHEWS into apologising to dick cheney for character assassination.

  2. BIGDOG says:

    So let me get this straight AJ!!..:)

    A stealth WMD expert (uranium broker) and Amb. to Iraq, named Joe Wilson. Who was sent, by the CIA, to Niger in 1999. Knowing Wilson’s involvement with Iraq, France, Niger and other uranium export rich counties. Between all these countries, one thing started to become abunditly clear, strange coincidences began around the Niger Forgeries, Wilsons wifes outing and extremely tight business relations with France. I believe it became a strong reality that these documents, may have been made in the mid-late 1999 or early 2000 timeframe, which also coincided with Wilson’s trade commission trip. Least we forget in 1991, the acting US ambassador to Iraq was yepp, you guessed it, Joe Wilson.

    Joe Wilson had just left the US government and started JCWilson International Ventures Inc in 1998, which specialized in trade with African countries, particularly uranium producing and exporting countries. With critical thinking and heavy research, my speculation was confirmed when GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs Daily reports surfaced, claiming that the Niger Forgeries were created by Libya, mainly to divert suspicions from a Libya-Iraq-Egypt alliance. However, the reports that Niger supplied uranium to Libya, and that Libya hosted the Iraqi strategic weapons programs from about 1998 onward, is very alarming. Rocco Martino by his own admission to investigating magistrates in Rome, apparently confirms suggestions that by commissioning “Giacomo” to procure and circulate documents would help undermine the US lead invasion of Iraq. I believe given that Russian spetnatz were on ground in Iraq before 2003 invasion, and France’s yellowcake glass eyed watchdogs and Iraq’s Nuclear ambitions added to the mix. You create a Libya as of 2002 and since the suspension of UN sanctions, against Libya in 1999. Libya was able to increase its access to ‘dual-use’ nuclear technologies and the fact we found nuclear weapon capabilities in Libya, shortly after Saddam’s regime fell, is not coincidence. The scenario can be traced to Saddam’s Nuclear ambitions and within a few months after Saddams removal, Libya gave up their covert nuclear weapon capabilities.

    So lets recap. Joseph Wilson, takes a trip to Niger at the behest of the CIA, to investigate “uranium-related matters” separate from Iraq. According to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence report on pre-war intelligence, Wilson “was selected for the 1999 trip after his wife mentioned to her supervisors that her husband was planning a business trip to Niger in the near future and might be willing to use his contacts in the region.” Niger’s former prime minister Ibrahim Mayaki meets with an Iraqi delegation wanting to discuss “expanding commercial relations.” Mayaki interprets this as an interest in uranium, Niger ’s main export, and later tells Wilson that he did not discuss it because Iraq remained under UN trade sanctions. (Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Report on Prewar Assessment of Iraq Intelligence, 39, July 2004).

    Furthermore Joe Wilson and his clients consists of African governments, ones he used to be a US representative to, including Niger. It is clear from the African Government wording that Joe was hired by Niger to help with trade. It is clear from Niger’s history that Wilson was more than likely in Niger, meeting with Mayaki and Wanke, when the Iraq delegation attempted to make contact for trade in June of 1999.(Should i throw in the Cheny/Halliburton DNC lie. Oh look a government official has connections and is making money off the government because of his connections?)…yeh good one, i know.

    One thing to remember is that Wilson was US Ambassador to Gabon, which also had a small uranium mining trade. There are lots of similarities between Gabon and Niger, not to mention the EU and Oil For Food Scandal. Wilson was ambassador to Gabon, another Uranium exporter. In 1999 (that year again), Cogema ended its Uranium extraction. For years Cogema had been dumping tailings into the nearby creek. After years of environmental negligence, [it] was discovered the EU paid for certain sizable aspects of the cleanup. Nobody really knows why the EU would pay for the environmental hazard a private French company had produced. What did Cogema do for the French government or the EU?

    Cogema is a major player in the Hussein bribery scandals. Was Wilson looking for illegal uranium trade with Saddam or covering it up? Wilson claims uranium could not be shipped out of Niger because the French are watching. But being an expert on the region and the uranium trade, one has to assume Wilson would know this claim is false due to a few minor miscalculations on his part. Joe those who think and research find a few things out about your so called trade trips and their covert possibilities. Yet somehow, all this intelligence you claim Bush twisted, reflecting from your New York Times Article, you left out a major known fact. “Mines can be abandoned by Cogema when they become unproductive. This doesn’t mean that people near the mines can’t keep on extracting,” a senior European counter-proliferation official said. In his book, however, Wilson claims that he went at the request of a former prime minister to give a “crash course” to a new president who had just taken power after the murder of his predecessor. The coupe, in Niger on May of 1999 and with a new government taking control, in November of that same year. Furthermore knowing Wilson was in Niger from mid june 1999-late October of 1999, has added yet another lie to the many already. Wilson was not asked to meet with the new President of Niger, at the behest of the Prime Minister, because a president DID NOT EXIST YET!!!

    “The French Desire for Uranium” by Nicholas Pederson for a good background. Link found here

    This may have been the method being used by Libya before it agreed last December to abandon its secret nuclear program. According to the IAEA, there are 2,600 tons of refined uranium ore-”yellow cake”-in Libya. However, less than 1,500 tons of it is accounted for in Niger records, even though Niger was Libya’s main supplier. Information gathered in 1999-2001 suggested that the uranium sold illicitly would be extracted from mines in Niger that had been abandoned as uneconomic by the two French-owned mining companies-Cominak and Somair, both of which are owned by the mining giant Cogema-operating in Niger.

    Without a doubt Wilson and his wife should be investigated.

  3. All in the Family

    Unexpected developments in the Plamegate. According to Jack Cashill of World Net Daily, “there is every reason to believe that Wilson himself outed Plame to Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times in early May 2003, at least a month before the leak to…

  4. sbd says:

    Global News Wire

    Africa Analysis
    February 5, 1999
    LENGTH: 294 words
    Cogema’s closure of the Mounana uranium mine near here leaves sub–Saharan Africa with only three producers of radioactive material — Niger, Namibia and South Africa (where it is a by–product of gold mining; Africa Analysis, no.307).

    With uranium prices depressed, and unlikely to pick up in the immediate future, Cogema (Compagnie Generale des Matieres Nucleaires de France) has abandoned plans for a short–life open–pit operation at the nearby Mikouloungou deposit, which contains an estimated 1,100 tonnes of uranium. Mounana’s 150–strong workforce, already shrunk from almost 300 five years ago, now faces redundancy.

    Cogema has now put up for sale all the mining and processing equipment of Compagnie des Mines d’Uranium de Franceville (Comuf), in which it holds 68% stake. (The government has 25%, via French equipment contractor AEC.) This includes an entire 2,000 tonnes/day processing plant. AEC says all items are less than ten years old and have been maintained to French industry standards.

    Gabon remains a major producer of manganese and has large unexploited iron ore and phosphate deposits. But the main prospect for a new operation lies with the UK’s Reunion Mining; it hopes to develop niobium reserves at Mabounie, 200km from Libreville but already served by the TransGabonais Railway.

    A feasibility study for production of 4,000 tonnes a year of contained niobium is almost complete. This should confirm that the ore will need only light crushing before separation of a pyrochlore concentrate for production of ferro– niobium. Demand for the metal is holding up well, with the London Metal Exchange quotation for columbite (with a minimum of 65% combined niobium–tantalum) remaining in the $2.80–3.20 range since 1997.

    Can anyone find out who bought this equipment and the processing plant? Maybe Joe Wilson went to Niger to meet with COGEMA and finalize a deal to purchase the Gabon plant with the cooperation of the Gabon government which owned 25%. Explains why the constant diversion referencing Niger when Niger was never mentioned by the administration or the British. The only mention of Niger comes from the fake documents which were produced to distract from the Gabon connection to Wilson and the CIA.


  5. sbd says:

    Forgot to highlight this section:

    With uranium prices depressed, and unlikely to pick up in the immediate future, Cogema (Compagnie Generale des Matieres Nucleaires de France) has abandoned plans for a short–life open–pit operation at the nearby Mikouloungou deposit, which contains an estimated 1,100 tonnes of uranium. Mounana’s 150–strong workforce, already shrunk from almost 300 five years ago, now faces redundancy.

    Seems to match the amount found in Libya!!


  6. AJStrata says:

    Excellent catch SBD – I was looking for something like this. Do you have a link?

  7. sbd says:

    I pulled it from Lexis, so I can only post the PDF if you want.


  8. BIGDOG says:

    Wait a minute thats the extra 1100 tons that was in Libyas possession when they gave up their programs that they didnt know they had.

    How is that? do the math. Wow you are right SBD. Nice find.

    According to the IAEA, there are 2,600 tons of refined uranium ore-”yellow cake”-in Libya. However, less than 1,500 tons of it is accounted for in Niger records, even though Niger was Libya’s main supplier.

    That gets a WOW!!! GJ