Nov 23 2005

The Coming Iranian Jihad

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I have said that Iran is heading towards a unavoidable showdown with the West over it’s nuclear weapons program (here and here). In a clear effort to execute the ‘ostrich maneuver’, the liberal media has gone to incredible lengths to pretend there is no risk from a nuclear Iran, even to the extent of making up excuses for clear evidence of a weapons program (here and here).

While the technical evidence of Iran’s intentions to arm itself with the most devastating weapons ever developed is brushed under the rug by a pile of fanciful rationalizations, the spoken intent of the Iranians is simply ignored completely! That is until you head over to Rick Moran’s and review this stunning picture of Iran’s world dominance dreams spoken by their madman leader himself:

A cursory examination like the one above of what Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said and done since his election should make even the most casual of observers sit up and take notice. This is no “business as usual” run of the mill Islamic theocrat. He is a radical anti-Semite, a dyed in the wool America hater, and an experienced terrorist who personally was involved in the July 1989 execution-style murders of Abdul-Rahman Ghassemlou, leader of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (which opposed the mullahs’ regime), and two others in an apartment in Vienna.

And very soon – if not already – he will have his finger on a nuclear trigger.

The wake up call is not going to come from the Neville Chamberlain clones in the liberal media. They would rather die than see Bush vindicated by a mad mullah with a nuke. Their denial is deep and impenetrable. But we do not need to follow the ostrich example of the liberal media. Especially if we want to avoid a nuclear war by way of a conventional war (which is rapidly becoming the only alternative). We can face the madman and prepare ourselves so that hopefully the mad mullah’s will stop themselves from bringing the world into chaos and destruction. We can either face them and they stand down, or we prepare ourselves to take them out by force, it doesn’t matter.

What matters is it is time now to prepare for either possible future.

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  1. BurbankErnie says:

    So if the Dems and MSM and Terrorists have their way and we pull out of cut and run from Iraq, What the Hell do they (Moonbats, Lefties, MSM, Terrorists) plan to do with Iran?? Would it not empower Iran, Syria and other Despots into thinking it is Viet Nam, Beirut and Samolia all over again?

    When we succeed in Iraq, and we will, and Iraq will be an ally, that is when the winds of change will roll into the afore mentioned Hell Holes and internal revolution will prevail. Dictators and Kings DO NOT WANT Iraq to be a success. It is against their interests to have a stable Democracy of ANY KIND in the ME.

    Great things could be accomplished if the MSM and Dems were on America’s side in the GWOT. Unfortunately, it is not in their best interest for us to succeed either.