Nov 22 2005

Does PJM Mean Pajamas or Energy?

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OK, this is too funny. Dennis the Peasant, aka Kent, has a humorous post up regarding the Open Pajama Source Media name thingy.

So before Batman and the Boy Wonder dig any further holes with your cash, have a lawyer review the implications of using “PJM” or “the PJM Network” interchangeably with “Pajamas Meda”.

Here’s why.

And please note, the Evil Minion who alerted me to this alerted them first.

Boy, I hope the Pajamahadeenn Warriors can avoid a second copyright screw up.

But they won’t be able to say they weren’t warned this time!

Whatever it means, here is a top notch fisking of the press release. Now that is going to leave a mark!

As to the universal question of what it is, what is is meant to be, why we should keep coming back…

The answer is not, improbably, 42.

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