Jun 08 2005

Justice Janice Rogers Brown

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The vote is on (5:00 PM Eastern)!

Pretty much a party line vote as they go through the roll.

Byrd crossed over! He must be in trouble in ’06, OK, maybe that was Burr yes, and Byrd no.

Nelson of Nebraska crossed over.

Obama was a ‘no’, that will play well in the African American community [sarcasm]

Feinstein, ‘no’ (even though Rogers Brown is more popular in CA)

And the result is…..


Congrats Justice Rogers Brown


Frist is calling for cloture on Pryor today with final vote tomorrow afternoon. As expected, he is pushing ahead fast now.

OK, here we go on cloture vote!

More dem cross overs in this one (of course, if the deal is to hold this is required).

And the result is….



Ryan James has the roll call at his site:

Rogers Brown Roll Call

Pryor Cloture Roll Call

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