Jun 08 2005

Liberals Fear Senate Deal Was Bad

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Liberals are beginning to express doubts about the Senate deal to end the filibuster of judicial nominees, as illustrated in a Washington Post article today:

Democrats generally cheered, and Republicans groused, when a bipartisan group of senators crafted a compromise on judicial nominations last month. But with the Senate now confirming several conservative nominees whom Democrats had blocked for years, some liberals are questioning the wisdom of the deal and fretting about what comes next.

“Our problem with the compromise is the price that was paid,” Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) said yesterday. She and other Congressional Black Caucus members plan to march into the Senate today to protest the impending confirmation of Janice Rogers Brown.

Those of us in the Coalition of the Chillin’ have expressed our view that the deal was not at all a loss for the GOP, if they played it right and simply went forward with ALL ten nominess who were being held up. The first three nominees expressly called out in the compromise will be voted on this week. The test will begin right after that with other nominees, to see how the democrats respond.

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