Nov 09 2005

Fly By, 11/09/05

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Since we have a lot of new readers I should again point out “Fly By” posts are my attempt to not babble endlessly about a specific topic, but to babble lightly on a whole host of different news items for the day. “Round Ups” and “Updates” focus on a series of stories on a single topic (usually). “From The Duh! Files” speak for themselves.

I reserve the right to ignore my own guidelines when I forget them.

Anyway – today is a blue day as NJ and VA (sadly my home state) continued with Democrat Governors. NJ is a democrat state – so no surprise there. But VA is a deep red state normally, but has suffered from conservative internal battles (like the Miers civil wars, and possible the illegal alien civil wars- hint, hint). Potts, the pro tax ‘conservative’ did his Perot move. Kilgore and the Reps also hurt themselves – but not the way the media will portray it. Here in Northern Virginia, a key area, we went for the ‘moderate’ (e.g., liberal in sheep’s clothing) Kaine because true moderates were turned off by the constant barrage of computer telephone messages in the final days. Note to reps – call once. People are not stupid. Also, call using a person – people are not machines. Finally, there was one issue the Reps could have swept Northern Virginia with and won easily on – and they ignored it. It is the perfect ‘end useless taxes’ issue: eliminate the Dulles corridor Toll Road. My daughter worked the campaigns and I tried to get the message through to these people that the simple promise to look into the question would have won the day here. Maybe next time they will listen.

The French conundrum continues. I expect Europe to blame the US for their current situation. I would hope they wake up and realize being ‘superior’ citizens in their own countries towards foreigners (especially French ‘superiority) makes some angry and others unsympathetic to European fears when things get tough. We American ‘mongrels’ have a different form of nationalism. While most nationalism is a reflection of history (i.e., Europe, Russia, China) or cultural-religious (Arab, Muslim), the US nationalism is based on a unique form of government that allows multi-national, multi-cultural and multi-religious harmony. We are the mongrel nation, and proud of it!

I have to keep this short today, so we will end with one of the dumbest court room tricks I have ever heard of. The media seems to be falling for it by giving it a sense of seriousness.

Anyway, have a great blue day!

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