Feb 16 2009

Are We Heading Towards An Isamo Fascist World War?

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I have been conflicted with the administration’s plans to open talks with Iran. I am well aware Iran could be just playing team Obama as dupes, buying time to obtain nuclear weapons so they can roll the world on their terms. I am also aware of the fact we cannot negotiate alternative scenarios without actually ‘talking’. 

Sanctions have not worked to deflect Iran’s path towards nuclear power and weapons – despite increasing pressure from the world’s powers. So when word leaked out recently that President Obama was prepared to possibly lift sanctions against Iran, the alarm bells were not ringing as loudly for me as some.

It is clear Obama is looking for carrots to dangle in front of Iran, and Iran has made noises it likes carrots. The problem is I have seen this dance play out before between Neville Chamberlain and the Nazi Fascists of Germany. So while it is worthwhile to attempt dialogue, it is not a time to completely go belly-up and start giving in unilaterally. Iran needs to make real movement – but so far it seems we give up and they talk about being impressed.

Christopher Hitchens has weighed in on this topic, and I tend to lean towards his views on many subjects, so I am not surprised to find myself once again listening carefully:

Now, does anyone—I mean anyone at all—imagine that the Iranian government’s flirtation with “direct talks” is anything—anything at all—but a precisely similar attempt to run out the clock while the centrifuges spin and to buy (or, more accurately, to waste) time until sufficient fissile material is ready and the mask can be thrown off?

That should be the going in assumption. Sadly I think a lot of Nirvana-clouded liberals don’t think this is the case, or that it is a big deal. And this is where I get worried. If we were going into discussions with the assumption Iran’s Mad Mullah’s and Heavenly Sent President (his words, not mine) were embarking on an insane act of state level Jihad I would be more comfortable with direct talks. I am game to avoid the military solution as much as anyone, but the fact is we cannot treat Iran as sane – in the Western sense of the word. In their world dying for Allah is a great honor.

Estimates differ, but it seems quite plausible that Iran will be able to make some such announcement before the end of this year. That would mean that all international agreements, all negotiations with bodies like the European Union, all “inspections” by the International Atomic Energy Authority had been, in effect, farcical and void. It would mean being laughed at by the mullahs in the here and now. And it would involve, for the rest of the future, having to treat them with exaggerated politeness. What a wonderful world that would be.

For decades, we have wondered what might happen when or if an apocalyptic weapon came into the hands of a messianic group or irrational regime. We are surely now quite close to finding out. I am not one of those who believe that the mullahs will immediately try to incinerate the Jewish state.

What they almost certainly will do, however, is use the possession of nuclear weapons for some sort of nuclear blackmail against the neighboring gulf states, most of them Arab and Sunni rather than Persian and Shiite, but at least one of them (Bahrain) with a large Shiite population and a close geographical propinquity to Iran. Already you hear the odd rumble in hard-line circles in Tehran to the effect that Bahrain ought properly to be part of the Persian motherland. 

This is how Hitler started with Chamberlain and Europe. He kept annexing people who had some historic ties but wanted nothing to do with the new world order. In the end we are all related somehow.

My fear is, if Hitchens is right, that we are on the verge of the war Bush and Co. tried so hard to avoid. I support dialogue, I do not support a repeat of World War II were the West pretended for years it was not as bad as it seemed. It was that bad, and in the case of Iran we have more evidence today of sadistic regional plans than ever was compiled against Hitler. 

Hitler, in violation of the Versailles Treaty ending World War I, started rebuilding the German war machines. His armed forces were outfitted with air, ground and sea power to rival Europe. He never acquired nuclear weapons – though he tried. Nuclear weapons are an enormous counter balance to vast conventional forces and weapons. By letting the Islamo Fascist state of Iran gain this level of power we will see a power imbalance not seen since World War II.

Nazis never really sent out forces like Hamas and Hezbollah to destabilize nearby nations (though there were forces aligned with Hitler in France, etc). Hitler could rely on the fascist movements in Italy and the imperial control in Japan to create natural allies. He even had the communists in Russia on his side in the beginning. Iran has lost allies in Iraq and Afghanistan. But it is trying to overthrow the nuclear power Pakistan, while isolating Israel. How this game of world wide domination plays out with nuclear armed Mad Mullahs is anyone’s guess – but it will be bloody and ugly if we let it escalate too far.

We want peace, we want to avoid more war at all costs. But what we want may have no bearing on what Iran wants. So far they have been shown to be willing to impose violent control over its people and neighbors. It tried to instantiate Islamo Fascist control on the Shiite sections of Iraq through the Mahdi Thugs under Sadr.

It has ignored all options for peaceful nuclear power offered by Russia – where Russians control the fuel which could be used for developing weapons. An obvious solution to the safe use of nuclear power.

Iran, if it wants, can play this game until it is ready to unleash its violent will on the world. Which is why I am doubtful talks will help. I think everyone would be better off if we stopped pretending the Mad Mullahs were not Mad and willing to succumb to Western views and priorities.

It would be better for everyone that we not pretend things are going well and there is hope on the horizon. We are so far from that it is simply a recipe for disaster to jump to that conclusion – and pay the price in human suffering for doing so.


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  1. ivehadit says:

    I am sad to post that I don’t think this administration gives one hoot about what happens in regards to Iran. In fact, I think they are covertly hostile to this country and the power we have earned and maintained, and would love to see America become just another mediocre country with limited power to influence the world.

    Whomever is the money behind barack obama is the driving force behind our foreign policy now…and they have a definite agenda which, I think, gives power (and weapons) to those who are at odds with our freedom/capitalist agenda. They seek to destroy capitalism around the world because that is the ONE thing that keeps this country great and gives people the MOST FREEDOM to become whatever they want to become.

    The worse off it is for America, the better it is for them, imho…and frankly, barack and michelle could care less what happens, imho, as long as the people they want to have power (mostly themselves) get to maintain their power forever.

    But I’d like to tell them one thing: This is NOT 1939 and we are AMERICANS not EUROPEANS. We WILL NOT allow our country to be destroyed. We ARE WATCHING.

  2. kathie says:

    What Israel needs to do is take out Iran’s leadership, then see what happens.

  3. kathie says:

    You want to know who is behind the new President, think George Soros.

  4. dave m says:

    Please stop assuming that “Obama” wants to stop Iran.
    “Obama” wants to enable Iran.
    Now jump sideways for a minute and ixquick S2433
    Congress has passed it.
    It is to give the UN another 800 billion a year for the
    third world
    implement the UN directive to disarm Americans of small arms
    put the UN in charge of our military forces.
    It is Obama’s bill.
    He wrote it.

    Now back.
    If “Obama” is so stupid, no not stupid – determined, as to want
    Iranian nukes to destroy DC, for that surely will be the first
    target or two, then maybe we should hope Obama suceeds
    and that he is sitting in the WH in time to go and collect
    his 72 virgins. When investigatingobama postulated that
    his handlers are going “all-in” for this year – because that is all
    the time he has left, I assume it is literal, that IS all the time “Obama” has left. If DC is destroyed, we face a military coup,
    so Obama needs to move quickly to disarm America – this year,
    next year will be too late.

    Obama is an enemy of America. He means to lay it low.
    Stop being stupid. Myrmidons, report this back,
    we are on to you.

  5. KauaiBoy says:

    One of the problems with idealists like the current boy president is their illusions of grandeur force them to believe that they are immune from such realities as “history repeats itself” whether it be in matters of war or economics. He is surrounded by and supported by youngsters with little to no real world experience who are all caught up in themselves in the moment. There appears to be a little ahmadinejad in ol’ obama in their maniacal sense of importance.

    I have a question as to the type of Muslims in Iran versus Pakistan—do they play nice or do they get all jihaddy with one another? The geograghic importance of our presence in Iraq, Afghanistan and the friendship with Israel and India may be very important. Not sure if the Russians are dumb enough to cast their lot in with the religious fanatics but then again history does repeat itself.

  6. MerlinOS2 says:

    All you have to do is look at the long history of Dems trying to talk people down out of trees to become reasonable world citizens.

    That does not inspire a lot of confidence.

  7. lurker9876 says:

    I just find it ironic to read liberals claiming that Bush’s “warmongering” efforts strengthened Al Qaeda.

    Problem is that Obie’s “Carter-ish diplomatic acts” will not be blamed for the strengthening of the terrorist organizations. They will say, “It is Bush’s fault!”

    They fail to understand that Clinton’s actions brought us 9/11.

    I think that the only option left to us is the military option – a full blast and serious one!

    You’re right…I have no confidence in the Obie’s adm in turning things around. They might be able to get a peace treaty signed but then they will end up stabbing us in our backs later.

  8. Neo says:

    Geostrategy-direct is reporting …

    The United States has abandoned its policy of sanctioning companies that aid Iran’s nuclear and missile program, they said.

    The officials said the new Obama administration of has decided to end sanctions against Iranian government agencies or companies that aid Teheran’s missile and nuclear program. The officials said Israel has been informed of the new U.S. policy.

    “We were told that sanctions do not help the new U.S. policy of dialogue with Iran,” an official said.

    I thought there were no pre-conditions.

  9. crosspatch says:

    Ok, so the US removes sanctions and starts talks while Iran continues developing their bomb. This essentially freezes any potential unilateral Israeli action against Iran. How can Israel attack Iran while the US is engaged in talks with them? It’s a brilliant move designed to hamstring Israel’s potential response to Iranian nuclear development and Obama is playing right into it.

    Iran has shown over the years that they lie, they cheat, and they absolutely can not be trusted. They are basically thugs in charge of a government. Why should they be trusted to do anything they say they will?

  10. crosspatch says:

    heh, notice the trends in both the positive and negative approvals in this graph from Rasmussen.

  11. kathie says:

    The ruling Iranian’s will not give up the coming of the Madhi anymore then the Pope will give up Christ. So there will be war, the question is, on who’s terms? You can only avoid repeating history if you know it! Our young President has spent his youth trying to discover how to be black enough. Not that that isn’t a worthy cause, but in historical terms, it’s a bit narrow.

  12. Terrye says:

    Hitchens voted for Obama didn’t he? Well what exactly did he think was going to happen?

    The Japanese and the Americans were having direct talks when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. The mullahs are going to do whatever they want to do unless someone stops them. I just hope that someone comes from within Iran.

    People like Obama always think it is all about the US. They think that if we just say or do the right things then we can make or cajole people into doing what we want. It is an arrogant assumption. The mullahs know what they want. They want the bomb. They do not want to be our friends. No doubt Obama is so full of himself that they will play him like a fiddle.

  13. pst314 says:

    “Hitler could rely on the fascist movements in Italy….”

    And what’s more, the Nazis created or provided support to violent fascist movements through much of Europe.