Jan 07 2009

Hamas Should Be Rounded Up For War Crimes

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The bleeding heart liberals who are siding with Hamas over the fighting in Gaza have one growing major problem – and that is all the war crimes Hamas is continuously committing. Crimes against children, the elderly and the sick. Not Israeli children, elderly and sick, but against Palestinian children, elderly and sick.

And it is beyond me as to how or why liberal news media outlets are aiding and abetting these crimes by trying to cover them up. Just check out this little story (from AP) about how Hamas bombs laid within or around a UN school killed and maimed innocent civilians:

At least 30 Palestinians were killed and over 50 wounded in an IDF attack on a Hamas rocket squad based in a UN school in Jabalya on Tuesday, military sources said.

The school grounds were being used by terrorists to fire mortar shells at troopsstationed nearby, and the soldiers responded by firing mortars back, the army said. According to the IDF, the dead included members of the Hamas rocket cell, including senior operatives Imad Abu Askhar and Hassan Abu Askhar.

Defense officials told The Associated Press that booby-trapped bombs in the school had triggered secondary explosions that killed additional Palestinians there.

Emphasis mine. Hamas laid bombs around a school, fired rockets at Israelis from that school, which created the expected counter fire attack, which set off the Hamas laid bombs. Is anyone but a dunce AP reporter not seeing how Hamas just suicided numerous people just to try and win a news cycle and some PR points? Hamas is really good at sacrificing others so they can look to be the aggrieved party in all this.

And some liberal idiots play right into their hands, encouraging more of the same. So, I can guess some liberal readers are now asking how does the elderly and sick fit into a school? Simple. Hamas has no morals or ethics. They are bloodthirsty animals who hide their warriors among the sick and their healers:

The defense officials said it was likely that a number of senior Hamas operatives and terror chiefs were hiding and conducting their operations from within Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. “Hamas operatives are in the hospital and have disguised themselves as nurses and doctors,” one official said. OC Military Intelligence Maj.-Gen. Amos Yadlin told the cabinet that Hamas was using mosques, public institutions and private homes as ammunition stores.

These are all acts of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Hamas is responsible for killing Israelis and Palestinians. It is responsible for also duping the ridiculously gullible here in the West. But fooling fools is not a war crime. Setting up artillery and military positions on school grounds is. Booby-trapping schools so that lots of children can be killed to paint the Israelis as some kind of criminals is in itself the criminal act of a subhuman. Hiding among the healers and sick is a war crime. Attracting enemy fire onto places of worship, public schools and hospitals is a war crime.

Being foolish enough not believe this is Israel’s fault is not a crime because we have not outlawed stupidity yet. But there is a line where ignorance is not an excuse. There is such a thing as accidental and negligent homicide. There is also aiding and abetting. There is a point where trying to claim ignorance will not wash.

It is time the world put our arrest warrants against Hamas leaders (military and civilian) and brought them to the vaunted World Court to be tried for War Crimes. If not here and now on these actions – what good is the UN or World Court?

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    Explain to us why our soldiers are still in Germany and South Korea and not all home yet. Also, explain to us why our soldiers are moving from Japan to Okinawa instead of home yet.

    Take a look at the videos of the pro-Hamas protests in Fort Lauderdale. Their signs explicitly state that they are pro-Hamas.

    This is for starters.

    I remember Bush adm saying that this is a long, difficult, generational war.

  2. lurker9876 says:

    Had no idea what they were doing?

    What about Lincoln?

    What about FDR?

    What about George Washington? Sherman?

    What about Clinton?

    NONE of them knew what they were doing!

    But some of them learned, including Bush. Bush was left a legacy of a very weak, gutted military and intelligence agencies since the Vietnam War.

  3. GuyFawkes says:

    Lincoln won the Civil War.

    FDR won WW II, and got us out of the Great Depression.

    Washington won the Revolutionary War, and helped found the country.

    Sherman wasn’t a President.

    Clinton left office with the largest surplus in U.S. history.

    Bush is leaving office with two ongoing wars, the largest deficit in history, $10 trillion in debt, record levels of public disapproval, steadily increasing unemployment, and an economy that is crashing around our ears. Heckuva job!

    But hey, other than that, you’re right – they’re pretty much all the same.

    Congratulations, sir – you have won the “Dumbest Comment of the Week” award!

  4. OLDPUPPYMAX says:

    These thugs have spent their lives enthralled with a 1400 year old “religion” which demands that its followers kill anyone who disagrees with them and then steal their stuff. And we wonder how they can be such depraved, sub-human scum?

  5. Neo says:

    It can also be said that Usama bin Laden (UBL) inspired a generation of young Americans (“Generation Kill”) to take up arms against idiot Muslin zealots who think it sport to kill non-combatants in their quest for sexual adequacy with the mythical 72 (re-virginating) virgins.

    In the process, UBL made the US public more complacent to accept the Israeli operation in Gaza as the price to be paid when dealing with those who indescriminately fire rockets into civilian (non-combatant) areas.

    This then goes to prove that UBL is responsible for the Israeli attack of Gaza.

  6. GuyFawkes says:

    Out of curiousity, if I point out that it was wrong of the Israeli army to kill a UN aid worker who was trying to delivery supplies into Gaza during a ceasefire – does that automatically make me an anti-Semite?

  7. Cobalt Shiva says:


    The UN has allowed their facilities to be used to aid and abet attacks on Israel–both in Gaza and in Lebanon. They’ve lost the ability to be considered a truly neutral player, and deserve to be treated with, at best, considerable suspicion. Same goes for the Red Crescent as well.

    When you’re fighting against someone who willfully violates the standards of international law, yes, bad stuff like this will happen.

  8. GuyFawkes says:

    Wait. Let me make sure I understand you:

    – Isreal declares a temporary cease-fire to allow aid to enter Gaza

    – Isreal coordinates a delivery of aid with the UN

    – A truck, flying the UN flag, and marked with the UN insignia, enters Gaza

    – Israeli forces fire on the trick and kill the driver

    And you’re saying – somehow this is the UN’s fault?

    Tell you what – I’m going to order a pizza, and shoot the driver when he gets to my door. By your logic, I should be able to blame Domino’s, since they are no longer a neutral player in the pizza wars.

  9. lurker9876 says:

    Sure, Sherman lost every war but we ended up winning the war.

    Sure, Lincoln won the war.

    Sure, George Washington won the war.

    Sure, FDR / Truman won the war.

    But they ALL had problems just like Bush did. They all made gross errors.

    Bush won the war in Iraq. As for Afghanistan, it’s up to Obama to finish it.

    Cliinton leaving office with the largest surplus? Hahaha! That is a joke. Clinton left the office with a recession that Bush inherited. I believe that Clinton and Gore massaged the numbers to fool us that we had a surplus. I don’t believe it.

    Yes, it is UN’s fault. They should never have allowed Hamas to use one of its schools to be used as storage for weapons and a place to shoot rockets.

    If you shoot the pizza driver, then our police should go after you.

  10. Birdalone says:

    Currently circulating in MyBO Group email are these links (i refuse to visit these links)



    And, copied word for word, misspelling included, from the latest MyBO Group email from an alleged supporter of Israel who I can only imagine is learning her history from dailykos (which I also refuse to read as I also now refuse to try to engage in any kind of dialogue with the people using Obama’s Official campaign website emails for their pro-Hamas vitriol) is this:

    “1. Israel should immediately withdraw from the Ghetto/concentration camp they greated which we all know as Gaza..

    This will allow talks to go forward which would address the issues in #2

    2. The shelling by Hamas in response to the siege and blockade of Gaza needs to be seen as a response to the blockade, which is in fact an act of war. And even worse, since Israel is leagally responsible for the welfare of the Palestinians.

    When the blockade ends, and the shelling ends, then the table is set for #3

    3. Exploratory talks shoud include all players. Hamas, which translates to “the Resistance” cannot be excluded, and replaced by a had picked, and secretly financed quisling. The exploratory talks should seek to identify ALL outstanding grievances of ALL “sides.

    Israel is in serious jepordy of losing support for its “vision of the Zionist Jerwish state,” due to their desire of expanding to occupy what they refer to as greater Israel, and which would result in the expulsion of Palestinians from Palestine. In fact, this is why Israel has been incrementally expanding by their violent ethnic cleansing campaine.”

    Now you know why I come here, and elsewhere, to escape this level of ignorance. These people have convinced themselves that Israel is the aggressor, and Hamas only wants peace (same person wrote this last night: “Fortunately for Israel, both Hezbolla and Hamas are dedicated to peace and coexistance. I am deeply sorry that Israel cannot realize that.”).

    They refuse to consider any other view of history.

    Maybe Guy Fawkes should join them…

  11. Cobalt Shiva says:

    Wait. Let me make sure I understand you:

    Obviously, you didn’t.

    The UN flag is not any sort of get-out-of-jail-free card, particularly in that part of the world where it has been used to aid and abet attacks on Israel, and the UN has done exactly zilch about the misuse of their emblem. What that means is that if their vehicles are moving around in Israeli-controlled territory, they must subordinate themselves to Israeli military authority.

    What most likely happened is that the truck did not respond to orders to stop for inspection before being allowed to pass through Israeli lines, and tried to run the checkpoint. Attempting to run through a checkpoint without permission in a war zone is a long-standing recipe for getting your ass blown off.

  12. Birdalone says:

    @Cobalt Shiva: my understanding is that the UN truck driver was killed inside Gaza. Last report I glanced at in the mainstream news was that a Hamas sniper might have shot the UN driver. Froma less cerifiable news source, the UN school was wired by Hamas and THEY blew it up to kill so many civilians.

    Despite the bashing they get from the U.N., the IDF is not about to target UN facilities and employees to get back at the U.N. The IDF knows the double-standard they are held to.

  13. GuyFawkes says:


    “Maybe Guy Fawkes should join them…”

    Yes, obviously I have the EXACT same mentality as that person. What gave it away – was it the part where I wrote, “Hamas is a despicable terrorist organization”?

    That’s why the GOP is in the state it’s in right now – you people don’t know who the hell the enemy actually is.

  14. Cobalt Shiva says:

    Despite the bashing they get from the U.N., the IDF is not about to target UN facilities and employees to get back at the U.N. The IDF knows the double-standard they are held to.

    Maybe they should reconsider that notion.

    If one is to be hung no matter what happens, it might as well be for a sheep as for a lamb.

  15. sbd says:

    This is why Israel attacks Gaza

    Warning, the linked video is not for the faint of heart, only watch it if you can stomach the truth!!

  16. Terrye says:


    It was the UN that stated for years that Saddam had wmd. It was Hans Blix that said a presumption had to be made that the weapons stockpiles existed because there was no evidence of their destruction.

    To this day, the UN can not tell us what happened to those weapons. But according the reports done later by surveyors, Saddam did have hidden weapons programs. Left to the UN we still would not know what was going on in Iraq.

    It was the force resolution 1441 passed in the UN that gave a mandate to the Coalition to go into Iraq. It was a ceasefire brought about by the UN back in 92 that Saddam routinely violated.

    The UN has been a part of the US dealings with Iraq for years. If there were errors made in Iraq a great many of them originated with the UN itself. The UN allowed Saddam to bribe its members and undermine the sanctions regime. The UN allowed Saddam to use the food for oil program it administered as if it were his personal slush fund.

    Tell me, how many UN members have gone to jail for that scam?

    So the idea that the UN is going to solve the problems in the Middle East is a joke. Both sides will just ignore them and go on with what they are doing.

    As for Lincoln winning the war…yes he did after the deaths of more than 600,000 Americans. After the peace Democrats called him a tyrant and a baboon and the confederates called him worse.

    Have you ever read about that war? Entire divisions lost in a day. There is no way Americans today would even consider tolerating the kind of casualties that were part and parcel of that war.

    I greatly admire George Washington, but we won that war by the skin of our teeth and Washington lost as many battles as he won. And there was a lot of corruption and controversy and hardship in those early years of the republic as well.

    Sometimes I think you are kind of a smart guy, but when you bring up the American Revolution in relation to the war in Iraq..I have to wonder.

  17. Terrye says:

    I tell you what Guy, do not count the GOP out. I can remember back in 2002 the Democrats looked as if they were done. In politics there is never a real end. In fact considering the scandals surrounding high profile Democrats at the federal and state levels the GOP might come back sooner than you think.

  18. GuyFawkes says:


    Hey, you comment on the list of Presidents you have, not the list you want.

    I’m honestly very curious to know how the country and the world will look back on Bush in 5, 10, 25 years. I think his best case is what’s happened to his father, or Carter – who both left office with pretty terrible approval ratings, but are now looked at much more fondly. But they got there (IMO) through their own efforts – charity work and such. I just don’t know if Bush has any true, genuine interest in anything like that. The far left is never going to change their opinion, of course – just like you will never get some on the far right to ever say anything positive about Clinton.

    Remember, time isn’t kind to every President – you’ll have a hard time finding a majority of the country ever saying a good word about Nixon, or Hoover, or Buchanan (if they even know who Buchanan is). And while it’s true that a LOT of people had a really poor opinion of Lincoln at the time, that was under a truly unique circumstance: he had just won a war, that was waged against the other half of the country. It’s hardly surprising that that other half didn’t think very highly of him. But any hope that Bush will somebody be thought of amongst the likes of Lincoln and Washington is just silly.

  19. GuyFawkes says:

    Oh, I agree – the GOP will come back eventually. I don’t think they’ll be going the way of the Whig party or anything. But, looking at the results of the last two elections, you’d have to agree they’re in trouble.

    Ironically, their fate is dependant most upon something they don’t even have control of any longer – the economy. If things go badly over the next four years, Obama is in trouble. But if we’re better off in 4 years than we are now (and honestly, it would be tough to imagine how we wouldn’t be), then you seriously better start worrying about 60+ seats in the Senate going to Democrats. Even *I* worry about that. (Of course, the Democrats would then get drunk on power, and get taken down by the inevitable corruption scandals that would be uncovered.)