Oct 02 2005

Fly By 10/02/05

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Short and sweet this morning. The media-formally-known-as-mainstream is having a tough time dealing with their fantasies vs. reality. The Plame-Sheehan-Earle-Katrina opportunities all fell apart on them. Probably because they were never real in the first place and are simply the result of throwing what little passes for journalistic standards out the window and just running on pure desperat hope. Two lead pieces at Real Clear Politics this morning illustrate the media’s conundrum. The first article is by Fineman and Clift at Newsweek, two people who have predicted the end of conservatism for years – without any success. While the go through an impressive list of supposed issues, Gloria Borger points out the obvious – the dems don’t stand for anything. Personal issues (DeLay), historic tragedies (Katrina) and overwrought anti-war activists have not put a dent into conservative priniciples. These ‘events’ are not going to bring back life time welfare benefits, a call for higher taxes, the removal of religion from the public square, or the opportunity to abort at will. And all of them are trumped up. The media is now getting the proper response from the public for crying ‘wolf’ at the New Orleans Superdome and Convention Center. And they are paying the price for blindly promoting Sheehan, who wants the US out of New Orleans. The DeLay prosecutor has not case, but a movie deal that presents him as the second coming of Christ. How this is supposed to win over voters is beyond me.

Some reporters are still working real, hard news (instead of the Rather made up kind). This story of biohazards detected on the Washington DC Mall is really an eye opener.

In the continuing idiocy of media leftwing bias, though, we are told there is shock that civil unions in Conneticut proceed without any issues. Civil unions have had broad popular support because they deal with issues of visitation rights, custody of property, etc that Americans feel should be available to same sex couples. Civil unions also avoid the issue of being confused with marriage, between a man and a woman. Since this is the preferred compromise in the nation, why should we be shocked it is not making waves?

I will end this Fly By on some unfortunate news for reps looking to increase their Senate margin:

In a serious blow to Republican hopes for picking up a Senate seat in North Dakota, Gov. John Hoeven (R) said Friday that he will not challenge Democratic Sen. Kent Conrad next year.

Can’t win them all. Have a great day folks.

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