Nov 10 2008

Sorry Newt, No More Conservative Retreads

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Word is out Newt Gingrich and Michael Steele are vying to lead the new GOP. Gingrich leading a ‘new GOP’ is a real oxymoron. We don’t need another tired old conservative standard bearer. We need Michael Steele:

A battle to take the reins of the Republican National Committee is taking off between former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Maryland Lieutenant Gov. Michael Steele.

Republicans close to each man say they are intent on ousting Mike Duncan when his tenure ends in January and to insert themselves to articulate a counter-agenda to President-elect Barack Obama´s administration.

A bevy of backers for each man, neither of whom is an RNC member, have been burning up the phone lines and firing off e-mails as they try to sway the 168 RNC members in the wake of the second consecutive drubbing of Republicans at the polls.

One thing Gov Palin illustrated is it is time to get new blood in the leadership of the GOP and conservative movement. Steele is just the kind of fresh blood and energy and charisma missing from the gray beards. The failure of the current leaders in Congress, and in the think tanks and news media talking heads, is testament to why these folks should move aside and let the next generation take over.

Sorry Speaker Gingrich, you did well for us in the past but we need new thinking and new energy. You are just not the answer to the current GOP and conservative woes. You are more of the same failed policies and approaches. You helped lose the Gingrich revolution to conservative democrats. We don’t need a marginal ‘true conservative’ minority.  That we have! 

I for one will not take a GOP serious that nominates Gingrich over Steele.

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  1. ExposeFannyNFreddyNow says:

    Obama planning US trials for Guantanamo detainees

    “President-elect Obama’s advisers are quietly crafting a proposal to ship dozens, if not hundreds, of imprisoned terrorism suspects to the United States to face criminal trials, a plan that would make good on his promise to close the Guantanamo Bay prison but could require creation of a controversial new system of justice.

    …….”I don’t think we need to completely reinvent the wheel, but we need a better tribunal process that is more transparent,” Schiff said.”

    Well, none better to create a “better tribunal process that is more transparent” than The One who seals almost all of his personal records from his electorate and accepts hundreds of millions in campaign funds under the aegis of what is clearly a loophole in dated election rules….. despite, ironically, having sworn vengeance on all the loopholes for Corporate America.

    (Ahem) Clearly, this is one Administration that will be well-remembered for its “transparency”.

    And of course, there’s no need to concern ourselves with any of them escaping when there’s a more likely chance they can walk out the front door as “guests” of the US once He grants them all amnesty on US soil, maybe even welfare, Medicaid, and public housing ….. just like Dear Auntie.

  2. ExposeFannyNFreddyNow says:

    On a much lighter note, give the Secret Service extra credit for their excellent sense of humor.

    Secret Service code names not so secret,0,2798932.story

    Barack Obama – Renegade
    Joe Biden – Celtic
    John McCain – Phoenix
    Sarah Palin – Denali, “The Great One”, after Mt. McKinley Unabridged (v 1.1)
    ren⋅e⋅gade /ˈrɛnɪˌgeɪd/ [ren-i-geyd]


    1. a person who deserts a party or cause for another.

    2. an apostate from a religious faith.


    3. of or like a renegade; traitorous.

    More fun at (Wiki):

    Be sure to look up “Driller”.

  3. Frogg says:

    Looks like good news. Newt isn’t interested in the job and seems to be endorsing Steele. I think they are working together on the ideas. Sounds great. Newt’s brain and Steele’s charisma.

    I think Steele’s ideal.

  4. Jacqui says:

    Newt was on Hannity and he stated he was not looking for the RNC Chair slot. He has bigger fish to fry via his American Solutions group…and he will have a chance to ounce on the Dear Leader very soon – Obama is looking to put offshore drilling ban back in place to avoid any more drilling for much for his campaign retoric.

    I like Steele – new blood and new vision.

    BTW, Ted Stevens, who appears to have won his Senate seat from the last news I heard, will probably be going to the”big house” in the not too distant future. Would not be surprised if Palin took the opportunity to put herself in that slot and in the center of power…to work for 2012…and look for her to get the attention on the energy issue.

  5. Not to burst any ones bubble but all you folks screaming Youth.

    We need the yutes.

    What’s a yut asks Fred?

    Lets’s shoot for Wisdom, an acquired characteristic giving all humans and non humans alike the ability to use Intelligence of all kinds to it’s maximum efficiency

  6. Phineas says:


    “Would not be surprised if Palin took the opportunity to put herself in that slot and in the center of power…to work for 2012…and look for her to get the attention on the energy issue.”

    I hope not. I’d rather see her have a successful term in Alaska and get reelected to burnish her executive reputation and maintain her “Washington outsider” image, which I think will still be a selling point for the foreseeable future. There are plenty of ways she can build a national standing without becoming one of one hundred in the Senate.

  7. JimCap says:

    Aren’t we interested in Steele only because he’s black?

    Honestly, this is not a very impressive politician. If he were white, I don’t think we’d even been considering him.