Oct 28 2008

Gallup Stunner – Obama Down To 2% Lead Nationally!

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Later tonight I will be doing the second “Nightly Bi-Poller Report” and it will be an interesting post because Gallup has come out today with a stunning poll for their ‘traditional’ (i.e., historically proven) turnout model:

Even Gallup’s fanciful ‘Extended’ turnout model took a huge dip. The electorate is giving me gray hairs, but they seem to finally be coming home (thanks Obama, for giving your ‘closing argument’ yesterday). 

I think Americans are really irritated with the Political Industrial Complex declaring the race over and selecting Obama (see here) or it was the fact the French President called Obama naive on Iraq, or it could be the wrath of problems with voter registration, but Obama is slipping.

My guess – Obama blew it with his wealth redistribution comments, which begins with the government confiscating ‘wealth’ to hand out. Obama may have stumbled horribly here in the final stretch, and people are starting to realize how bad this guy really is. I like what one caller said this morning (on I think was Bill Bennett’s show). He compared Obama’s redistribution of wealth to school grades, where you work hard to make A’s but end up with a B or C because someone who did not apply themselves needed a boost. A great and simple analogy to what is wrong with Obama.

Barrack has closed his argument with America a week too soon it seems.

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  1. faulkner8 says:


    I couldn’t help myself, I went back and did a little bit of analysis.

    My best guess is that for the data collected yesterday, McCain was up by about 0.5%. If this number is stable in the data collected today, I would expect tomorrow’s tracking poll results to show Obama with about a 0.4% lead.

    Of course, if McCain gains more ground, it isn’t inconceivable that the tracker could flip over to McCain tomorrow. For this to happen, I think there would have to be about a 2% McCain edge in today’s daily numbers. While this seems a little unlikely, stranger things have happened.

  2. archtop says:

    Hmmm…. Dow up 889.35 (10.88%) today….McCain moves into a statistical tie with Obama in the Gallup Poll…correlation?? ;^)

  3. grumpyguy says:


    What about Ralph Nader? Apparently he is on the Penn. ballot this year.

    I don’t even see Nader figured into these polls, yet last election he got upwards of 3% in some states.

  4. bush_is_best says:

    Yeah, that’s ONE way to analyze the recent polls…

    another way to look at is if Obama takes Colorado and Pennsylvania, for example, or any other combination of swingers where he seems to have at least SOME kind of lead… he wins easily…

    I like his chances…

    McCain could take the entire party down with him too… as Palin starts to distance herself from him with her own future in mind…

    Then there’s the Senate… where the Dems could potentially take 60 seats… and you know what that means…

    You ‘optimists’ have a week left… keep it up!

    deny, deny, deny

  5. Redteam says:


    i’m gonna predict you’re gonna be in a lot of stress by the weekend, assuming you’re watching the polls.

  6. Birdalone says:

    Any source for poll that shows Irish-Americans at 63% for McCain?

    One of the most interesting outcomes of the extended Democratic primary season was seeing how Hillary consistently decisively won every county in America with majority Irish ancestry, even those rare counties in Oregon and one in Montana. I compared county by county results with Ancestry map based on 2000 census. Key vote in MA, NY, PA. Italian vote very concentrated in CT, NY, NJ.

    Obamaworld in a tizzy over this poll, though their response is that it is “confusion” over McCain’s position on the Northern Ireland Peace Accords. NOT! They should study some American history…and consider the threat of FOCA is getting some traction with Catholic voters in general.

  7. bush_is_best says:

    redmeat –

    Make all the predictions you want – I predict a weekend of wild parties and about 1000 not-so-kind sarah palin costume variations…

    Stress will come about Tuesday when we see what kind of people this country is made of…

    If you are predicting stress for my side… you must be predicting a real sh*t-your-pants scenario from yours, right?

    May the best man win…

  8. Abu_Nudnik says:

    Once he falls, what can stop his fall? Already he has asked people to ignore all issues as a “distraction” from worshipping him as an alternative to Bush, who is leaving anyway. He’s outspent McCain 4 to 1 and he will oversell the brand. His blessed face is only blessed to his believers. The more others see it, the more suspicious they will become of the profound secrecy about his past that surrounds him, the dodgy associations with socialists, communists, racketeers and the like; the criticism of “fundamental flaws” in the constitution, the “problem” of massively redistributing income through the courts (it’s “unfortunately”difficult) because they have to consider all kinds of pesky issues like, say, theft, private property: the kind of things that wouldn’t bother a Marxist. But I digress from the real issue… do you believe in Him? Do you believe in The One? Do you? Really? Isn’t America is a land of LAWS, not men? If you believe that One Man – ANY man is The Answer, please, for the love of God, freedom and government of the people by the people for the people (not government of the people by the special people for the very special people), give your head a shake.

  9. LJStrata says:

    You ‘optimists’ have a week left… keep it up!
    deny, deny, deny


    You have just shown me why everything I do is working. Cracks are showing in your own armor. I will keep fighting. Calling me an ‘optimist’ is NOT the insult you wish it to be.

    Thanks for the pep talk.

  10. LJStrata says:


    See this report on Sarah’s rally in
    southwestern VA

    I was at the Leesburg Rally really early. I was there (earlier than I wanted to because DJStrata is a die hard) at 5:45 am and you couldn’t get near the place. We parked in a neighborhood quite a ways away and walked in, it was faster than driving.

    I plan to call all three VA location’s sheriff offices to get the real numbers. I’ll let ya all know…

  11. Phineas says:

    Thanks, LJ. Wow, that report on the Salem rally has the crowd ten times larger than what I read elsewhere. The earlier one must’ve been a misprint, since I can’t imagine holding a rally in a stadium built for less than 2,000.

    Unless it’s a Biden rally. 🙂

  12. bush_is_best says:

    that’s cool LJ… always happy to give the underdog a pep talk…

    I’m supporting a liberal black guy, running for president of the united states… in the face of, well, less than honorable opposition… cracks in the armor are the least of my worries…

    we’re supporting a cause that we believe in, for peaceful reasons… with peace, national prosperity and international respect the goal…

    in return we get accusations ranging from nazi! terrorist! arab! fraud! cheater! america hater!


    In this country, it is OK to be born to a single mom. It is OK to be black. It is OK to work hard in school and gain a scholarship to a top college. It is OK to get a law degree from Harvard. It is OK to forgo riches in favor of helping those less fortunate. It is OK to serve in the state legislature. It is OK to serve on the US Senate. It is OK to represent your constituents. It is OK to run for president, even if you have a funny name, that sounds kinda like people who are supposedly our enemies. IT IS OK TO BE ALL OF THESE THINGS AT ONCE.

    Some people might use that as an example of the American dream my grandfather fought to protect.

    I do not expect you to be one of them.

    I’m glad you are optimistic. You better damn well believe we are.

    I mean no insult to you personally… but insults fly around here, so I participate as such.

    (I am NOT saying its OK to pal around with terrorists, its NOT OK to be a true, true socialist as an American president, etc, etc… so please, don’t come back with the predictable, my point is that you don’t have the human ability to acknowledge things apparent, right in front of your face, and be honorable when up against real competition)

  13. LJStrata says:


    How do you reconcile your own words? See below.

    I mean no insult to you personally… but insults fly around here, so I participate as such.
    (I am NOT saying its OK to pal around with terrorists, its NOT OK to be a true, true socialist as an American president, etc, etc… so please, don’t come back with the predictable, my point is that you don’t have the human ability to acknowledge things apparent

    So I’m not being insulted when you say I don’t have “human ability”? I guess I can’t take it personally if I’m not human, right?
    Hmmm, now to reply
    Try walking door to door in Northern VA. I have been and will continue to do so. My optimism comes from the people I’m talking to who are genuinely excited about McCain Palin, and are frightened of a Dem controlled DC and are unwilling to believe the rhetoric BO is selling.

  14. bush_is_best says:

    LJ – sorry – not insinuating you are not human, or shouldn’t be respected for holding true to your ideals. Its fine and honorable to support your candidate and take comfort in the company of people who agree with you…

    I reconcile my words as such – acknowledge things apparent: When 60 million people vote for Obama, its not because 60 million people are dumb. Its not because 60 million people are voting illegally or being duped. It is because he is talented, and represents a better solution for america in the minds the majority. Certainly the majority around the world.

    He is not going to bomb your house, I guarantee you. He is not going to take your money. You CAN and WILL succeed. If poor people eat food and get medicine tomorrow when yesterday they did not, that is NOT A BAD THING, even if you think the dollars should go elsewhere or if you’d like to keep that from happening.

    Elect your candidate based on his/her qualifications only. Do not spend the vast majority of your time and effort searching for scraps to drag your opponent down, and then clinging to them, all the while ignoring any negative attention your candidate gets. Acknowledge it all, and do it fairly, and evenly, exactly as you would want done to you. Do not agree with Obama. Acknowledge his progress for what it is.

    Acknowledge it.

    I predicted that you cannot and my prediction still holds true.