Oct 27 2008

The World Is Going Conservative Why Shouldn’t We Stay That Way?

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I know it is long but please watch this!! It shows how the world’s democracies are turning to conservative leaders. Why should we change that tactic since it seems to be the preferred point of view by the people of the world? Also watch closely the facts about the US economy and job growth compared to the UK. You will need to use the pause button, it goes by fast.

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One Response to “The World Is Going Conservative Why Shouldn’t We Stay That Way?”

  1. robert c verdi says:

    If a person looks at the planet of today, and compares it the state of the world in 1980, the planet has moved to the right with a handful of notable exceptions. Even facist states like cuba are seeing the roots of freedom take shape. In Iraq an elected government, in China a wild west market. In the world today from Canada to the Ukraine we have pro-american governments. You know this is a tough election cycle, but do not let the gloating of the left confuse anyone to to ignore the extraordinary progress in human, political, and economic rights. What the left wants, does not work, never forget that and do not be disheartened by polls, the media, the elites who preach that we need to tighten our belts while they live off the fat of the land.