Oct 16 2008

Bogus? Michelle Obama Unhinged: “White Racists” II

The African Press International has a major update on the alleged Michelle Obama audio tape (previous post here) which makes plausible their hesitation on releasing it if it does actually exist:

API is disturbed by the way many have reacted to the story on Mrs Obama’s call. Many have shown us by the way they have behaved towards API that they only think of their own interests because they have demanded that the audio recordings should be released immediately. We understand that the tapes should be released, but those who have demanded the release of the tapes seem not take into account that API may become a suing target.

API has recordings of the conversation between API and Mrs Obama … and we confirm that the audio will be released to the public. In the last 24 hours, API has been consulting legal advisers on the way forward in order to avoid being sued by the Obama camp. API has realised that the contents of the tapes if made public may change the political atmosphere in America for ever, especially in the next few days.

This may explain why Obama was a bit off his game last night and pretty testy and flashing sneers at McCain’s attacks. I also noticed a very, very deflated James Carville trying to debate Bill Bennett on CNN. This may actually be the double whammy Obama can ill afford. With him reeling from his mistake with Joe The Plumber and ‘spreading the wealth’ a audio tape of this nature would sink Obama quickly.

As I said before, we should all be thinking innocent until proven otherwise.

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  1. conman says:


    This thing sure sounds legitimate – and a lot like the Whitey video rumor that swarmed around the conservative blogs a couple of months ago. They make a claim that they have video/audio proof, but for some reason it doesn’t get released. There are delays and more delays. We get updates every few days, with new excuses as to why it hasn’t been released yet, allowing for all of you conservative bloggers to talk about the it once again. Meanwhile, while the rumors are being spread by conservative bloggers and the release keeps being delayed, it is conveniently impossible to disprove these rumors because you can’t prove a negative – how do you definitively prove that a video or audio doesn’t exisit? By the way, what ever happened to that Whitey tape rumor?

    In this case, the new reason they don’t want to release the audio is because they are worried about a lawsuit. It’s kind of funny how they weren’t worried about a lawsuit for publically releasing a statement CLAIMING that Michelle Obama called them and made these outragous statements, but they are concerned about a lawsuit if they PROVE their claim to be true by releasing the audio. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Since truth is an absolute defense against a libel/slander claim, you can see why they would be afraid to release something that would actually prove their public claim was true. Maybe API needs smarter lawyers. Meanwhile, API has yet to provide a legitimate explanation as to why Michelle Obama would call an obscure publication like API and risk her husband’s entire campaign by laying into them about unfair treatment. It seems like the type of person who is that volitile or stupid would have made a similar error previously. I sure can see why you won’t let this story die – it makes a lot of sense.

    I also want to commend you for reminding everyone that “we should be thinking innocent until proven otherwise” every time you post on this story. I’ve learned a lot from you. I heard a rumor on the internet that McCain’s cancer has returned and he only has a few months to live. I’ve been posting, emailing and talking to every person who will listen to me about this rumor. But I’m responsible – every time I qualify my statement by saying that we don’t know for sure if it is true. That way I can sleep better at night. And then I tell them to keep spreading the rumor.

  2. Redteam says:

    conguy, you give libs a bad name. I have reservations about this whole story also. But, whether it is true or not and whether they have a tape to prove it or not, they can’t be sued over saying it happened. Obama is a public figure, as is Michelle and therefore are fair game for whatever anyone wants to say about them. They, themselves, lie every chance they get and they certainly aren’t concerned with anyone sueing them for their lies. a most recent example, Obama said he didn’t launch his political career at Ayers home. That is a flagrant documented lie and it is deliberate for political gain, but who’s gonna sue over it. Michelle doesn’t have to ‘call’ anyone and tell them she is a racist and hates America, she proudly displays it every time she appears in public. She is a bitter person, and it shows.

  3. conman says:


    Why do I give libs a bad name – because I raised a major flaw with the legitimacy of this rumor that you appear to agree with? Okay, that makes sense.

    By the way, why do you only have “reservations” about this story? Why wouldn’t you conclude that it is false unless and until there was actual evidence to support or some legitimate explanation for why they cannot produce it? If Obama couldn’t sue because he is a public figure (which isn’t entirely true – public figures can sue for libel/slander, its just a much more difficult burden of proof than a non-public figure), then why wouldn’t you conclude that the alleged reason for the delay is bogus? If you can figure that out in 2 seconds, why would it take AIP’s attorney’s 24 hours to consider it?

    As for Michelle “proudly displaying” she is a racist and hates America every time she appears in public – maybe you can elaborate. I’m assuming you believe that because she is black, but if I’m wrong maybe you can explain. What is it about her appearance that displays her racism and hatred for this country “every time she appears in public”?

    I also don’t see a bitter person.b Last few times I’ve seen her she has had a huge smile on her face – probably because her husband is making McCain and the GOP look like a bunch of fools!

  4. red lantern says:

    Release the tape and let the chips fall where they may. I am so tired of the lies from one side and the MSM not releasing their knowledge on the Obama issues. It’s the same as the Clinton sex affair, oh, sorry, he didn’t have a sexual relationship with that woman. Newsweek knew about the whole ‘affair’ and didn’t want to release to embarrass a Democrat … correction, a standing Democrat president.

    As for the Whitey tape, Larry Johnson (http://noquarterusa.net/blog/) is a good friend of mine and still states that there is a Whitey tape out there but McCain does not want it to be released. He told me this yesterday. I don’t agree with his politics, now, however, I do believe him. Ms. Obama is cut just a little sharper from the same cloth as her former pastor, Rev. Wright. Neither one cannot wait to talk about their hate.

  5. AJStrata says:


    So sorry, but there is no way for me to help you recoup decades of ignorance. I have no idea of your background, but mathematically what pollsters attempt to measure pails in comparison to the math required to aim a robotic satellite at Mars and land it safely.

    That takes millions of calculation on thousands of parameters to pull off.

    Unless you are ready to discuss 2nd and 3rd dimensional integrals, Kalman filters, and a variety of other mathematical models I have no time to go over simple things like ratios and percentages with you.

    LOL! You know those nightmares you have about people who know so much more than you that you feel transparent in their presence? Those are not irrational paranoid delusions.

  6. AJStrata says:


    A sincere and public ‘thank you’ regarding your post on this Michelle Obama matter. I will stand behind her until I hear proof otherwise.

    And this may surprise you, but even if she did say that, I will be chalking it up to a wife being angry and defending her husband.

    It won’t help either of us – but if the original report is accurate she is guilty of defending her husband a bit too much. Not going to ding them for that.

  7. conman says:


    Looks like you responded to the wrong post – I’ll assume you meant to respond to my comments on your theories about the polls. But your so smart you probably meant to do it and I’m too stupid to understand why it was so clever.

    Per usual, when you can’t respond to a substantive comment you fall back on your “dude, I work for NASA and am really smart so I don’t have to explain why my comments don’t make sense.” Hey I know, maybe we can settle all of our debates by comparing report cards to see who is smarter. You got me on math, so I guess you will always be right about that topic, but I got an “A” in political science. What did you get – if it is lower than an “A” looks like I’m right about politics. Too funny!

  8. Redteam says:

    By the way, why do you only have “reservations” about this story? maybe you can elaborate.
    why only reservations? because I think there is a 50-50 chance it is true, mainly because it ‘sounds’ like her state of mind.
    These people (API) sound like foreigners and may not have good ‘legal’ advice. Besides, I actually hope it is true, it’s about time her true nature be confirmed to everyone. I’ve seen enough already, seems like some people are slow learners.

    Can I elaborate? ‘for the first time in my life I am proud” that should pretty well do it. and ‘watch her’, that should be all that you need.

  9. dave m says:

    that site you don’t like much, texasdarlin, uses a guest author
    Judah Benjamin who makes reasonably convincing legal arguments.

    He is saying that this API story is probably black propaganda (technical term folks – plant a story you know will be found to be false and thereby discredit all similar stories – some of which are true.) If that’s not quite the right
    explanation of black propaganda, please correct me.

    He points out that Michelle is a lawyer and would be unlikely to confirm that Barack does indeed have dual nationality.

    I just snipped out this one paragraph:

    “IF Michelle Obama called API she was admitting that her husband probably still has another Citizenship but it doesn’t matter whether he still has it. We know he was a Dual Citizen until he was 21, it seems certain that he held three distinct Legal Citizenships in spite of National and International Law until he was 21. He may still hold two. He is Ineligible and anyone who claims otherwise without a Judgment from a Court, a Constitutional Amendment or Congressional Legislation to back them up is flat out wrong, so far as I am concerned. ”

    I am viewing the whole tape thing as phony. We’ll see if they release it.

  10. sbd says:

    API’s “Legal” issue, if any, has nothing to do with Libel, but everything to do with Privacy. Each state in the US has different laws regarding someone’s ability to record a conversation without the others consent. If she was in California, for instance, she would have to be told before the recording began that her call could be recorded. CA requires the consent of both parties while other states only require 1.

    Most states do have exemptions to this rule if the recording was made for protection or because of a crime against you, but there again API would have had to know ahead of the recording to claim a crime or protection exemption.

    I don’t believe the story because API in June 2008 had a similar out of nowhere interview that still can not be proven if it ever took place or not. They are delay to drag this out. Their next claim will be that they were served with a restraining order forbidding them from releasing the recording until it has been authenticated independently. Mark my words on that one.


  11. sbd says:

    My post on API is still being moderated since this morning. I wonder why??

    SBD Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    October 18, 2008 at 6:46 am

    Does the story below sound familiar to anyone?? Every single claim they have made regarding the Obama phone call is a repeat of the claims they made below from another “out of the blue” impossible interview that just happened to fall into their lap.

    I bet their next interview will be with Osama Bin Laden

    Rwanda News Agency (Kigali) – AAGM
    June 5, 2008 Thursday


    About a week ago Norway-based online agency African Press International (API) published the much publicized interview with suspected Rwandan Genocide financer Mr. Felicien Kabuga.

    Government of Rwanda and the UN tribunal for Rwanda are believed to have been caught off-guard – suddenly that a man with a $5million bounty on his head surfaces in an interview seeking to surrender to Rwanda. RNA put the different issues that the interview has raised to API Chief-Editor Kipter Korir, and below are the excerpts in which he reveals that government is secretly seeking to contact the man they have hunted for years.

    Mr. Kipter Korir, could you just describe the circumstances leading up to the much publicized interview with Rwandan Genocide fugitive Felicien Kabuga and how you managed to secure it anyway.

    Many media outlets and other institutions have treated our story on Kabuga and his presence in Norway at the time of interview with caution. It is not difficult to understand why many find it difficult to see the real picture in all that has happened, the fact that API met Mr Kabuga and even managed to secure an interview. Mr Kabuga travelled to Sweden in an effort to meet an elderly Sudanese man who is refugee in that country. While in that country, he discovered that the man he was looking for was not there. He managed, one way or another, to get information that a South Sudanese delegation led by the South Sudan President Salva Kiir was going to be in Norway for a conference.

    It was at that time Mr Kabuga chose to travel to Oslo hoping the old man he was looking for in Sweden had found his way to Norway to meet his colleagues from South Sudan.

    As things turned out, the Sudanese old man was not in Norway but had travelled to South Sudan. Those close to Kabuga, who met him in Norway, directed him to API’s Chief Editor who happens to be a friend to the Sudanese old man. After discussions on what Mr Kabuga wanted, the parties agreed on an interview on condition, API assisted Kabuga to connect with the Sudanese old man and another man of Ugandan origin now resident in the UK, so that the two men may initiate talks with the Rwanda Government for the purposes of reaching an agreement on a conditional surrender. Both men are close contacts of API’s Chief Editor.

    The ICTR and Rwanda government are treating your purported interview with Mr. Kabuga as a ‘hoax’. There does not seem to be anything tangible evidence to back up the interview.

    API has noted that several media outlets have focused on the behaviour of the ICTR and the Rwanda government on how they have reacted to the story. As a media outlet, API does not go around distributing prove to institutions in order that those who read API articles may believe what is being written.

    The Rwanda government and the ICTR has the opportunity to get in touch with API and find out the truth. The Rwanda government could have been satisfied if the Minister for Justice had taken contact and received the document that is supposed to be handed over to him in an effort to find ways and means to start talking.

    When the government categorically spells out publicly that they will not talk to Kabuga, while at the same time allowing their embassy to engage in secret contacts, such public move by the government serves to destroy the spirit of the intended talks. The government should have taken time to receive the document containing important information, thereafter decide whether or not to engage in formal talks.

    By doing so, the government will be showing a will to listen to Kabuga’s story and make a fair judgement on whether to accept his conditions or not.

    Mr. Kabuga has rarely spoken in the media directly, the only journalist who met him died later, how would he have trusted you?

    API has noted that some media outlets do not have time for Kabuga because he has been accused of genocide. And yet many people tend to say an accused person is innocent until proven guilty. API has been contacted by many media outlets and other international government branches who emphasize that the only journalist who met Kabuga in Kenya died later. As far as API is concerned, nobody has come forward with clear evidence that the journalist who died was killed by Kabuga. API has understood that the murdered journalist had plans to lure Kabuga to a police trap. API has no intention to lure any accused person or persons to police traps. API will remain professional in interviews and will not be party to colluding with others to net people being searched for by any international body.

    This, however, does not mean API condones any form of crimes, be it genocide or any other. We are now dealing with a man who has decided to reach out and surrender. The fact that API has become the only media to break the story does not make the story to be a hoax as some would like to have it fall into that category. Many have asked how Kabuga could have trusted API. This only leads API to believe that some have taken the narrow path that has led to underestimate Mr Kabuga. API chooses to believe that a man who has managed to hide for many years, having many friends, and buying his way for safe hiding, knows when to trust and who to trust depending on the place and timing.

    Anybody that has tried to blackmail him into a trap has seen their fate. Surely, if you met Mr. Kabuga you must be very scared?

    Kabuga has been accused of genocide in Rwanda. Some who have followed the genocide stories in Rwanda are saddened. And yet they must not forget that every story has two sides. Kabuga has decided to surrender because he wants to tell his side of the story to the Rwanda government. If he is guilty, it does not mean that everyone he meets has to fear for his life. API has reported a story as it is and has no reason to be afraid of the man because API has not misreported the facts. And API has not in any way held in its map to blackmail Mr Kabuga, but just to pass on the message on the request for talks geared to a conditional surrender.

    The ICTR says the purported interview is just meant to disorganize its search that has been focused on Kenya to indicate that he is not there, so they are not taking the assertion that he is in Oslo seriously.

    API has noted that ICTR is relaxed on the issue because they are of the opinion that Mr Kabuga is in Kenya and not Norway. Every institution has the right to believe or not, any given information at any given time. API goes by the correctness of the interview and will publicise more information on the issue when the Rwanda government decides to take the matter more seriously.

    One of the last articles says Rwanda had expressed interest to move forward with possible negotiations with Mr. Kabuga. But officials here are not saying anything to that effect. How true can the public be about what you publish?

    In our articles, API has categorically stated that Kabuga is not in Kenya. API has also stated that Rwanda has expressed goodwill to start the talks. API appreciates the move and thanks the Embassy of Rwanda in Belgium for taking great interest in the story and by negotiating a way to meet and get evidence on what Kabuga is presenting, all in the effort to start the talks in one of the Scandinavian countries. The communication with the embassy will soon bear fruit because, as API understands it, the participant is mandated by the Government to proceed.

    From your meeting with Mr. Kabuga, how would you describe him?

    On seeing Kabuga, one notices he is a tired man. It is, however, not difficult to understand that he means what he says when he now wants to go back home. His health seems to dictate the day to day program when it comes to his activities. The man is now aged and he expresses sadness for what happened to his country in 1994.

    Some observers are saying the timing of your articles is very suspicious: just after the Kenyan ruling; before the ICTR is to report to the UN Security Council. The suspicion is that somebody is behind it all and you are just doing their job. Don’t you think there is some reason in all this?

    This is a serious matter that concerns many institutions and people. Due to the fact that Mr Kabuga is the most wanted man, and that he has not given interviews since going into hiding, has led many people to be suspicious on the timing of the articles. To think or even imagine that the timing has any hidden agenda is uncalled for, and primitive, because the interview is not one API was aware of in advance that it was going to take place. It was only after being contacted for a meeting in connection with the search for the Sudanese old man, whom Mr Kabuga wanted to meet in Oslo, that API requested for the interview and was reluctantly granted with conditions.

    The ICTR wants to believe that Kabuga is in Kenya, because the institution will soon report on Kenya to the UN Security Council and the Council members may decide to impose sanctions on Kenya. having been accused of giving refuge to Kabuga. API is not in a position to change the ICTR’s way of looking at things, because they have their own machinery, and if their machinery confirms to them that Kabuga is hiding in Kenya, that remains to be seen when the man resurfaces one way or another. (End)


  12. AJStrata says:

    SBD – there is nothing in the moderation cue, sorry.


  13. breschau says:


    “Unless you are ready to discuss 2nd and 3rd dimensional integrals, Kalman filters, and a variety of other mathematical models I have no time to go over simple things like ratios and percentages with you.”

    I am.

    And if you’d like, I could program them in (oh, let’s go old school and pick) FORTRAN for you.

    (Sadly enough, I do realize that this conversation won’t work online, because anyone could Google “Kalman filters” and then sound like they know what they are talking about. See?


    Wow, look at the History of that page.

    But I will let AJ figure out a trick question to determine if I really am a mathematican. Honestly, that would be kinda fun – I haven’t struggled with a mathematical concept since differential equations back in my junior year in ’89, and I blame that mostly on my professor (who was physically incapable of pronouncing the word “delta” correctly).)

    (Incidentally, what does NASA do most of its satellite programming in nowadays? All of my work with… umm, a different government agency is mostly Oracle PL/SQL and Java.)

  14. AJStrata says:


    You only got as far as Diff EQs?

    Satellite avionics code is in C/C++ running on realtime Posix compliant operating systems like VxWorks.

    No SQL or Java on board.