Sep 09 2005

CNN Has An Honest Interview

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This is one of those priceless moments when CNN has all its hype thrown back in its face during a live interview with a true American.

Here is the post over at Redstate, and a small snippet to entice folks to go chech out this exchange with Soledad O’Brien and a New Orleans resident:

LABARRE: … they’re looking at all of us as criminals.

S. O’BRIEN: But even if you’re not talking about bad elements or good elements in the population, I mean smell this water. It’s horrible.

LABARRE: You’re the one who chose to be here. I don’t choose — I didn’t choose to be here. I just came to visit you (UNINTELLIGIBLE)…

S. O’BRIEN: But this is an indication of what it’s like.

LABARRE: This is where you’re camping out and this is what you’re showing the world. You have everybody in the world believing that the whole city looks like it. I would suggest that you go over there and start — and film a little bit where it’s not flooded.

S. O’BRIEN: But even if your neighborhood is good this is toxic. I mean everyone…


S. O’BRIEN: … agree it’s a (UNINTELLIGIBLE)…

LABARRE: And why are you breathing it, you know? I mean how many days have you been here?

S. O’BRIEN: That’s an excellent question.

LABARRE: I think it is.

Notice how Ms. Labarre is able to turn the entire interview her way? Check this out as well:

S. O’BRIEN: What do you mean?

LABARRE: Well, I mean I saw where they were putting them. They promised them a bus. They promised them a nice place to live and they put them at — in hellacious conditions at the Superdome, at the convention center. I talked to those people. They were made promises and they didn’t come through with them. And they — I’m sure they’re making promises to them now that they’re not — if they don’t come through, you know?

So, and I think that there’s a lot of media hype right now. I’m questioning whether or not there’s not a little bit of a manipulation of the media so that when the death toll starts coming in, that the mayor and other officials can say see, you’ve been reporting it for all this time. People refused to leave and that’s why there’s so many dead.

That is not true.

S. O’BRIEN: That’s an interesting…

LABARRE: They did not offer these people a way out to begin with. They offered them a ride to Superdome. They never offered them transportation out of the city.

S. O’BRIEN: Do you have a working shower?

Notice how once the story goes against the CNN agenda to blame Bush O’Brien changes the subject to something completely irrelevant Redstate has the compete transcript and the video link. Enjoy!

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    Go over to The Political Teen for the hilarious Video.


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    This is a bit from Kyra Phillips interview with Nancy Pelosi on CNN: