Sep 09 2005

Kilgore Lapping Kane

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Kane is running a thankfully dismal campaign here in the Commonwealth of Virginia, meaning the end of our occasional flirting with democrat Governors. Commonwealth Conservative has a great post on Kilgore’s excellent move to nail down the NASCAR vote. A move which will leave him free and clear to attack Kane here in Northern Virginia for the remainder of the campaign season.

Sadler will drive the Kilgore for Governor car at Martinsville, but will also make appearances with the Kilgore car in three communities across Virginia to pose for pictures and sign autographs for fans. In addition, Sadler will wear a Kilgore for Governor driver’s suit during the Subway 500 and members of his pit crew will wear Kilgore apparel as well. The arrangement is believed to be the first of its kind between a candidate for office in Virginia and NASCAR’s premier motor sports series.

“Today I want to thank Hermie for making this a reality,” Kilgore said. “In campaigns we all know about radio, TV and direct mail. And we call those ‘vehicles’ for getting a message out. Well, the Kilgore Car is literally another vehicle to use in getting our message of honest reform out to the people of Virginia.”

Kilgore also noted that Richmond is in the running as a possible location of the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Kane – you’ve been lapped son. Time to get into that pit and do some serious thinking about what you want to do come next year. Because I seriously doubt you will be in the Governor’s mansion. You have been left in the dust.

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