Sep 30 2008

If I Want A Better Education For My Kids I Am A Racist?

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Oh pullleeease:

Political scientists today who study what’s called the “new racism” say, however, that while the underlying stereotypes remain, what’s new is how they are expressed (or rather notexpressed) publicly. Because social scorn attends public expressions of overt racism, neoracists are more subtle: For instance, they may talk about “welfare spending” and support “school choice” as a substitute for saying “Let’s not give public funds to black people”; or they trumpet “family values” as code for expressing their belief that minorities don’t have them.

What a bunch of liberal, whiney crap. Maybe just don’t buy the snake oil?

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2 Responses to “If I Want A Better Education For My Kids I Am A Racist?”

  1. Neo says:

    Why do some African Americans consider it “acting white” (or Asian, I guess) to get good grades and do well in school?

    Is this statement show racism ? If so, who are the racists ?

    This is here the problem begins .. and ends.

  2. clintsf says:

    Wierd. I usually use the term “family values” as code for expressing my belief that extreme liberals don’t have them.