Aug 29 2008

Battle For America’s Cajones

The Strata family has a way to end this ridiculous debate about who has the mettle to be leader of the free world. We want to see a competition in (1) Caribou hunting, (2) Riflery at 100 meters, (3) Mooseburger eating, (4) 1500 km snow machine race and the final round will be be fishing in the Bering Strait.

My guess is Obama and Biden would be begging to quit before the end. If the dems can’t make it through these simple tasks they are not prepared to be President.  Bring it on. 

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24 Responses to “Battle For America’s Cajones”

  1. AJStrata says:


    The nice thing about the Blogosphere is it is completely democratic and American. Every one has a chance and the are an infinite number of niche’s to explore and fill.

    The internet is going to be to the world what Rock N Roll was – a common denominator that bridged differences instead of creating them. It is the world the next generation will own and exploit and learn to not fear each other.

    Rock N Roll did that in the cold war.


  2. Phil-351 says:


    Does everyone remember AJ’s post:

    Well, some good news. He’s been acquitted.

    Still doesn’t satisfy me for the hell he’s gone through over this obviously ridiculous example of prosecutorial abuse, but, at least, the lib bed-wetters lost this round.

  3. ivehadit says:

    Bresch, imho, you are searching for a way out of the liberal morass, the controlling, negative mindset, the “celebration of the Lower Self” which inhabits the Left. Come on over to the side which celebrates abundance and optimism and all the good that Life has to offer, embodied in America, the Beautiful.

    It’s really dark over there in Leftist Land…full of resentment, hostility and bitterness and those who want us to hate like they hate.

    But alas, we thank them for showing us that which we never want to be.

  4. missy1 says:

    “someone who spent almost a quarter of a million dollars on household help;”

    Bresch, that’s the way it goes with all those filthy rich people that own multiple homes. They employ people, terrible, just terrible!

    I know a man that manages a 10,000 acre ranch the owners visit two weeks out of every year. He oversees the ranch hands that bale the hay and take care of the buffalo and he hires the cleaners for the houses. Even when the owners are not there, the lawns need to be maintained, snow needs to be removed and the seven homes on the property need to be cleaned every two weeks. The owners do not want to come back to spiders and mice or to a mile long driveway that would be damaged because the snow doesn’t get removed.

    It’s their money, why are you fretting about how they spend it?