Aug 22 2008

The Cult Of The COLB Crashes Into Reality has examined the physical Obama COLB and put to rest all the bizarre, stupid and unethical claims regarding its authenticity and Obama’s citizenship. They even provide pictures of all the features that many of us said were there and others claimed did not exist in the initial round of conspiracy theories (go to fact check for the larger image):

There will always be some dupes who won’t let go (some people still don’t think we went to the moon). No wonder America has lost respect for bloggers and conservatives and politics ‘as usual’. This is a huge waste of time for anyone who really opposes Obama for President. It is akin to believing their is a hidden magical wand somewhere that will make Obama just disappear, if the right heroine or hero can just find it. Pathetic.

Anybody getting signals from hidden spaceships behind comet tails out there?

Update: Some Hillary supporters have Obama Derangement Syndrome so bad they have decided to take the fake COLB to court. Talk about your political treason.  And why would these nuts think any party would put their trust in them or their ‘credibility’ ever again? This is how to destroy a reputation for life.

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  1. stevevvs says:
    Division of Annenberg
    Annenberg, tied to Obama

    But trust them you will.