Jul 09 2008

Obama Birth Certificate Not Forged – All Claims Otherwise Are Fantasy

I am really, really disappointed in how fevered the rightward swamps have become. After the purity wars and intolerance from the far right to differences of opinion from members of what was a governing conservative coalition, I did not think it could get much worse. But the lunacy over the Obama BC images is just embarrassing – and I mean cringing, hide-your-head-in-shame embarrassing. Especially after I thought explained why the conspiracists were all wrong.

“Experts” are being trotted out who have one common gift, how quickly and easily they demonstrate all “experts” are not equal. Just like some bargain brand scientists can’t get over their global warming fetishes, there are some “experts” out there I wouldn’t pay to wash my car, and I know I am NOT an expert in imaging. But if you can’t impress me, then your “expertise” is very substandard.

Update: I am a computer expert, which covers all aspects of computers and how they manipulate data. I am also a NASA engineer who focuses on and reviews computer and communications systems flight and ground. Documents are a simple niche in my world. This ain’t rocket science folks.  

And I should also note LJStrata was at the forefront of information and computer systems, working on the first HTML, working on the first object oriented systems, plus much, much more. She is one of the best who has deployed many operational SW systems that do more than just handle documents. Those who pretend to pass us off as amateurs are showing that emotion is driving them, not logic and deduction. – end update

Let me pick on Pam of Atlas Shrugs to demonstrate my point. She wonders who died and made be the one to make the final call on the BHO BC rumors. Well, no one died, it was just a bunch of brain dead efforts to create a conspiracy out of whole cloth. Let me debunk Pam’s latest “expert” (and this took less than a few seconds to figure out).  Here is the ‘smoking gun’ they have that supposedly proves the BHO BC is forged:

The left hand images are of the border from the BHO BC, the right left hand images are from a Hawaiian BC of a Ms Decosta. The stunning (and painfully obvious) conclusion of Pam’s expert is the borders don’t match!

No shit Sherlock!

This revelation has the poor guy all confused:

But upon manually stretching them to match edge to edge I caught a glimpse of what I and apparently everyone else had simply not noticed. The security borders do not match. Literally. They are not even close to identical.

I am unable to explain the differences between the security diamond sizes and counts and the un-centered portions (meaning the diamond pattern ends on an odd pattern instead of even where it meets the edges of the header and footer boxes).

I am convinced that the certificate is a fake (and not really a very good one) and I went into this with a completely open mind (something the Obamanationalists seem to have lost). I also have to say that everyone who has been looking into this federal crime (and it is a federal crime even if the certificates were never meant to be used for identification) have done a stupendous job and I wish they all worked for my lab. Talk about a winning team.

Gag me. Well, let me point our ‘expert’ to clearly evident information in the two images – the date stamps that bleed through both documents, noting the date they were certified. Decosta’s BC was issued Sep 2002, Obama’s Jun 2007.  Gee, let me think on this ….  You think it is possible HI changed their border or paper in the convening 5 years that span these two BC’s????

Now if you go look at what this ‘expert’ wrote up, until he actually opened his eyes and noted the completely different borders, he was convinced the BC was legit. Until he discovered the clearly obvious fact that the border was updated between 2002 and 2007 the man was debunking the myths too.

I have wandered around the BC fevered swamps and seen other silly claims. But no one can explain how the mocked up ‘blank’ BC Opendna produced is of lower resolution than the Kos and BHO images if it was the original.  Lower resolution transformed into higher resolution after being Photoshopped? That is something that is pretty much impossible to do without really, really expensive imaging SW like the spooks use. You cannot create higher resolution in Photoshop (or MacPaint, which Opendna claims he used). 

There is no way the Opendna image was used to create the Kos and BHO images. And until someone disproves that this myth stays busted!  

Finally, to clarify my point about HI basically confirming they released a BC to Obama last year it was a matter of deductive logic.  For all those deducing conspiracies from pixels, I was using logic and the behavior of the HI officials to make deductions. In all those interviews with HI there never was the statement to the effect HI was investigating a forged BC. They were shown the Kos and BHO images and simply claimed they could not divulge any details.

Think about it. If they were shown a forged BC for someone they would not be casually batting away inquiries like they have been – they would be noting an investigation was underway. In the absence of any legal investigation by HI it is therefore obvious to deduce they looked into the BC date and it jived with their records. QED – if you don’t know what it means look it up.

Back to my main point. If conservatives think they are going to win back America by running around make wild and clearly made up claims, based on BS technical ‘experts’, they are kidding themselves. Stop inoculating Obama from future stories and real issues with this dumb fantasy.  Really, it is embarrassing.

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