Jun 12 2008

Obamabots Are Crude In Victory Against Hillary And Her Supporters

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Boy, you read some of the crap being launched at Hillary and her supporters and you wonder are these people trying to win an election or prop up their insecure male egos?  Check out this victory lap for Obama:

Like radio waves reaching earth from some cosmic calamity millennia ago, the yarbling of Hillary Clinton sycophants who believe that her candidacy was gang banged into extinction by the mainstream media, right-wing bloggers and Barack Obama acolytes can be faintly heard, although it is so much background noise as Clinton herself and practically everyone else who is determined to take back American link arms and march toward November.

Has it only been five days since Clinton’s extraordinarily gracious concession speech? It seems like light years in this corner of the universe where the political landscape changes by the news cycle, and yet some diehards just can’t seem to face up to the reality that the fancy evening gowns they bought so they could dance the night away with Bill and Hill at her inaugural balls will have to be returned.

The most obnoxious of these diehards claim that their refusal to turn the page, let alone return their dresses, is a sign of gender solidarity, while the most extreme of the obnoxious howl that for good measure they will vote for Mr. McCain or not at all, even though that would improve the chances that it will be John and the woman he has referred to by the four-letter name for her sex organ might be tripping the light fantastic come the evening of January 20, 2009.

Nasty stuff there, clearly aimed at women (with ball dresses).  And this from a site ironically called “The Moderate Voice’! Do they think America is impressed with this and will want filth like this in the White House?  In won’t be white any more, and I guess that too is ‘change’.

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  1. conman says:


    Well, it took more words than necessary and quite a bit of ranting, but you finally admitted you were wrong. I’m proud of you.

  2. AJStrata says:


    So you admit the short lived bounce was 3 points?

    LOL! Dude, I am not ‘wrong’, it is a prediction. It is not wrong to test theories.

    Now – admit Iraq is a success (sucker).

  3. Dc says:

    You think any of the republicans who happened to have known, met, had their picture taken, or had been seen in the same room with Abramoff….who got crucified in the press, and or lost their seats at the behest of liberal orgs deserve a redoo?

    You “do” realize that there are DNC orgs/members currently trying to suggest that such associations by conservative politicians is “criminal”?? Hell even talking about it among themselves is a consiprisy! A “criminal” conspiracy of course.

    Yes, McCain is old, with bad teeth and can’t remember things as well as he used too after being up all night. That’s the “obama” campaign. But, that’s ok…cause..of course…it’s TRUE. But then…to even mention Obama attended a church that had ministers that said what Wright did in front of God and everyone as a witness, then brayed about it, was a distraction. Racist even! But, then…we should talk about it he says. We “need” to talk about it. Why should we not? And he could no more disown him (Wright) than his own racist Mama. That is, until the votes started leaving. And then he could disown a lot of people. And Anton Scalia was seen cavorting wtih Sarah Jessica Parker! And to talk about this any further…is a distraction. A purposeful distraction by repbulicans from the “real” issues….like rasing the cost of gasoline so people use less, and withdrawing troops from Iraq before they make a fool out of me…errrr. Swiftboating. Racist. And dirty politics to which Obama would NEVER stoop too.


    Here’s a Democratic Congressman openly admitting the internal tactic they used in 2006 (ie. about Iraq) wasn’t true.


  4. Dc says:

    Is it swiftboating him to post that? Is it unfair? Is it somehow irrelevant to the issue…that the DNC strategy on Iraq for withdrawal has been entirely madeup (fabricated) to garner nutroots (like you) support and money?? Is it a distraction from the “real” issue of what “really” is going on in Iraq …”right now” and who has a grasp of that, and what really can be done about it?

    You won’t find the answer to that in your SAT scores.

  5. BarbaraS says:

    Has anyone noticed that the vocal and profane part of the democratic party seem to be Obama supporters? They are the most offensive and are now gathered under one tent so to speak. It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that our resident trolls are Obama supporters. They have shown everyone their sleazy side for years now.

  6. AJStrata says:


    The Obamabots are doing the same thing the far right did on immigration and other issues. If you disagree they get quite rude and crude. As you know I am of the opinion this nastiness and drive for purity destroyed the GOP’s governing coalition and let the democrats win in 2006.

    If the heat keeps rising from the Obamabots, they could repulse enough voters to have negative coat tails and hurt down ticket elections.

  7. VinceP1974 says:

    Obamabots remind me of the open border folks. Totally in denial about the danger of thier position… thinking that somehow just because they wish it that the consequence of their agenda will result in America being a much more dangerous place.

  8. Dc says:

    “By a 63% to 28% margin, voters continue to believe it is more important to gain control of the border than to resolve the status of those who are already in the country illegally. Democrats are more evenly divided than other voters, but a plurality (49%) agree that controlling the border is the top priority…”



    Aint like we didn’t try to tell you

  9. AJStrata says:


    Don’t cherry pick:

    At the same time, by a 56% to 27% margin, all voters continue to favor a welcoming immigration policy that would let anybody move to the United States except national security threats, criminals, and those looking to live off the U.S. welfare system. Republicans and unaffiliated voters are a bit more supportive of a welcoming policy than Democrats, but 52% of those in Barack Obama’s party support that approach. Among those who say it’s more important to gain control of the border, 60% favor a welcoming immigration policy.

    The border is very secure now that catch and release has been eliminated by El Presidente Jorge Bush. The problem now is those in country. And the poll also shows we need to work to bring the immigrants here into society

    The importance of assimilation into the culture is highlighted another recent survey–54% of voters say it is more important to encourage all immigrants to embrace American culture than it is to reduce the number of immigrants. Just 36% take the opposite view and say reducing immigration is a higher priority.

    Like I said many times – every one wants the border tightened. That has nothing to do with “amnesty”. Amnesty fears have nothing to do with the border, that is why the far right calls in the “amnesty” bill. But why worry about it now? The far right is out of this debate for good, per their own desires and actions.

  10. Dc says:

    “….Republicans and unaffiliated voters are a bit more supportive of a welcoming policy than Democrats”

    Actually, it was called the “sham-nesty” bill. Because it prioritized just the opposite of what most people wanted (status before security). If such border concerns, and security issues were in that bill, then why did McCain say that it was mistake NOT to have them in the bill and claim that he had “gotten the message” from people to do this first before what they were trying to do with that bill? Whos trying to cherry pick here?

    It was never in that bill, and as you can see from those numbers a whole lot of people didn’t like it. It never had anything to do with hating people or not wanting immigrants to come to this country. I’m sure there are people who DO hate immigrants and/or opposed that bill for any number of personal reasons. But, I would suggest to you that those people would be a distinct minority of those who in opposition to that bill. And as the data shows, the opposition is mostly made up of people who “want” a welcoming immigration policy…they just want this taken care of “first”. (not to mention the majority of “those” people are republicans or indies)

    And the fact still remains, regardless of what you want to think of people who opposed that bill, that most people in this country want something done about border/enforcement/security FIRST, before status issues are dealt with, and most people did not see that last attempt at a bill as doing that—and rightly so, because it didn’t (by it’s own authors admissions). And the fact still remains that most of those people in opposition to that bill do NOT hate immigrants and DO want a welcoming immigration policy. That’s what the data shows. And that’s not cherry picking….it’s telling it like it is. Like I said….we tried to tell you.

  11. Dc says:

    And AJ, I really appreciate what you do here. And I appreciate the information and thoughts, etc. And I appreciated all the arguments and information you brought here about this issue (as well as others)

    I just happen to disagree with you, as do a whole lot of other Americans, that the bill they tried to pass was a bill that put border security/enforcement issues first—which is what most immigrant loving americans think the priority should have been. You plug the hole/leak first, THEN take care of cleaning things up inside. The arguments that this issue could be dealt with from the inside out never made any headway with people.