Aug 15 2005

Iraqi Constitution Delay

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I am not going to make this long and drawn out – the Iraqis have some tough final issues to work out on autonomy (federalism), the role of religion and Islam (women’s rights to a major degree) and oil revenues (spread the wealth). They have given themselves a week. All indications are they are close. If I have a choice between a good solution or meeting a date – give us the good solution.

We have one week to see if the Iraqis can pull this out. It will focus the attention of the world as we all hold our breath and watch the end game here. And it will also divide the world and America into two camps.

One side will be the Sheehan/Frank Rich side which will pray and push all they can for a failure and a bloody civil war (they need to be right politically, they have no choice).

The other side will be rooting and praying for the Iraqi’s to finally find their way towards a peaceful, democratic future in the 21st century.

I am supporter of the latter outcome. Everyone is going to have to make a choice during this critical week which side they are on. Those in the middle – who cares?

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  1. […] Unfortunately, AJ Strata once again strays off sharp analysis and veers in political hyperbole: And it will also divide the world and America into two camps. […]

  2. Karridine says:

    The women of the world, Iraqis included, KNOW in their hearts what Baha’u’llah declared in the 1870s: Men and Women are equal in the sight of God!

    Iraqis are going to have difficulties either way they go, trying to re-enslave women OR standing to liberate them. If the path they choose is in accord with that prescribed by The Glory of God, they’ll endure!

  3. AJStrata says:

    Karridine, Someone needs to explain that to the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

  4. […] I mentioned last week, when the Iraq Constitution was not reached on schedule, that the delay would add a lot of drama and focus to the event – making a successful end even more potent. Well now we can see if this is correct since Fox News is now reporting that there is a constitution for Iraq coming today: Kurdish lawmaker Mahmoud Othman (search) said officials had made some progress in a morning negotiating session on some controversial issues and that a second afternoon session would be “decisive.” A Shiite television station quoted Vice President Adil Abdul-Mahdi (search) as saying “major breakthroughs” had been made and the draft would be submitted to parliament Monday. […]