Aug 15 2005

Weldon A Foot Into Mouth

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Those of us remaining few who still want the complete answers on Able Danger have always had a problem in that Curt Weldon was the Congressional face on this topic. Prone to go off half cocked, with a heavy dose of exaggeration thrown in, Weldon can take any issue and in the end over shadow it with his antics.

Jim Geraghty has some news he heard today on WMAL which just makes you want to shake your head at Weldon:

But frankly, Weldon is now looking less reliable. (If this report is true, that Weldon was on D.C.-area radio WMAL this morning claiming that the Iranians are planning a chemical attack against U.S. forces in Iraq, I’ll begin to rank the congressman’s credibility somewhere between Bill Burkett and Jayson Blair. Sir, could you please generate some supporting evidence for this astounding allegation before you move on to making the next one? Thanks much.)

The frustrating aspect of this is we all need to hope Weldon is dead wrong on this.

I for one hope the really important issue of what did Able Danger discover in 200o is taken to its conclusion. We do not need conspiracy theories running rampant left or right. We have a war on and these distractions do not help us focus on the important issues. Just the opposite.

I hope Weldon as solidly welded his foot into his mouth so that he can step aside and let the Able Danger issue resolve itself properly. The fact Weldon cannot recall what was on a chart he showed off in 2001 is irrelevant – we need to stay focused on 2000. If that was important information that should have been shared then what happened in 2001 and during the 9-11 commission’s inquiries will work themselves out.

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