Mar 19 2008

Fighting al-Qaeda Brings Reconciliation To Iraq

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There is nothing like the bonds created in surviving a life threatening threat through alliances and coordinated support. People who once despised each other can come out of such situations life long friends with deep understandings. Just ask a lot of whites and blacks how World War II started to break down the racial myths prevalent at the time. And so we see the same thing in Iraq as that country finally emerges from decades of oppression by Saddam and his henchmen and years of atrocities at the hands of al-Qaeda’s Islamo Fascists:

raq’s Shiite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki visited the Sunni bastion of Adhamiyah in Baghdad on Wednesday and promised to offer jobs to Sunni Arabs who were fighting Al-Qaeda there.

Maliki, whose visit is seen as a major step to boost national reconciliation in Iraq, said the government will “open the doors of all the establishments to welcome” the men who are fighting Al-Qaeda.

“I am proud of the efforts of the sons of this neighbourhood. We will welcome our sons who are challenging terrorism and injustice. They will have suitable jobs. What they have done is amazing,” Maliki said.

If Maliki makes good on his promise, and this extends across all of Iraq (as I assume it does), it will be the next step towards a bright future in Iraq. And another major setback for al-Qaeda.

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4 Responses to “Fighting al-Qaeda Brings Reconciliation To Iraq”

  1. tomk59 says:

    So far, so good. But I just don’t trust Maliki.

  2. conman says:

    Great analysis. Maliki makes yet another hollow promise to include the Sunnis and we are all supposed to feel like Iraq’s future is bright? No mention of the Sunnis and Al Sadr’s block boycotting the latest legislative session scheduled specifically to deal with reconciliation, no mention of the Sunni Awakening group’s increasing frustration with being excluded from the Iraqi security forces, no mention of General Petraus’ recent statement that the Iraqi’s progress is unacceptable and endangering our security gains, and no mention of the uptick in violence (oh, that’s right, it is a sign of success because it symbolizes the desperation of Al Qaeda). But then again, why bother reporting on the entire Iraqi story – you have to make it look like things are always going well so the Republicans do well in 2008. The good of the Republican party trumps the good of our country!

  3. Terrye says:


    You do not know what you are talking about. Left up to the Democrats Iraq could go to hell in a handbasket without a passing thought to reconciliation. The Iraqis have already accomplished more than the Democrats said they would and as far as that is concerned the people of Iraq give their legislators higher marks than the American people give Nancy Pelosi’s Congress.

  4. WWS says:

    Hey Conman, Republicans don’t need AJ to do well – Jeremiah Wright is taking care of that all by himself! Ain’t it wonderful that you have such good friends as him???

    Now come on, tell us how you always really liked Hillary anyways and are glad – yes GLAD! – that she’s gonna get the nomination!!!