Aug 12 2005

How To Kill Labor Unions

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The best way to kill off labor unions is to have them go out of their way in a selfish act and make life miserable for tens of thousands of people.

At least 70,000 travelers were left stranded Friday as British Airways canceled all flights to and from Heathrow Airport after catering staff, baggage handlers and other ground crew walked off the job in wildcat strikes at the height of the summer tourism season.

Staff handed out food and water to hundreds of tired and frustrated passengers, many of whom had spent the night on benches and floors at the world’s busiest international airport. Travelers stood in long, slow-moving lines in an attempt to get on alternate flights.

Boy, you better be in dire straights if you are going to halt the lives of this many people. I mean it better be a life and death emergency. When people are losing their precious vacation time sleeping in an airport, the conditions the union is dealing with must be horrific to force this on others…

OK, I wrote that without peaking. Let’s find out….

But of course, the media would not dare explain the reasons for all this disruption (that would look bad on the unions). Let’s try another source (still one that spins pro labor).

Workers walked out in sympathy with the Gate Gourmet staff who were dismissed after an unofficial strike on Wednesday over the company’s restructuring plans.

He denied being heavy-handed over the sacking of staff, saying they were spoken to and given written warnings before being dismissed.

Brendan Gold, of the TGWU, said it did not condone the wildcat strikes by BA ground staff.

A side bar timeline

  • Wed am: Gate Gourmet brings in 130 temporary workers after sacking hundreds of its staff
  • Wed pm: The afternoon shift is sacked by a manager after workers missed a 20-minute deadline to report to work
  • Wed eve: BA cancel four flights from Heathrow to Hamburg and Paris because of lack of food
  • Thurs pm: Some BA staff stop work in sympathy with sacked Gate Gourmet staff
  • Thurs eve: BA cancels all long and short-haul flights out of Heathrow airport for the rest of day
  • Thurs night: BA cancels all flights into and out of Heathrow until at least 1800 BST on Friday, after talks with unions break down
  • Fri: BA cancels all flights cancelled until 1800 BST, later extending it to 2000
  • BST. Acas announces talks are to take place between TGWU and Gate Gourmet
  • So a deranged group of food handlers do not like the restructuring plans and go on the first strike, only to be fired – which in the UK is impossible to do unless you violate your employment contract. Evidently these workers did and they got sacked. Then others struck in sympathy – dumb move. The message had been sent, this was gratuitous grand standing.

    Well, I guess the unions will understand that the rest of us may strike back by passing laws limiting the ability of unions to strike because life is not what they wish it was. One could strike deserves another. You send a message to us, we send one right back at you. Personally, I say sack the whole lot of them for causing this much chaos without a good cause.

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