Jan 31 2008


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The far right, as evidences by the ever shrill and panicky MarK Levin, is learning a very tough lesson. As I pointed out in an earlier post the hyper-partisans left and right have been competing to see who can insult and repulse the moderate middle the most (for daring not be ideologues and instead supporting traitorous ‘compromise’). So far the far right is winning in the battle of who can be most repulsive, since the more the NRO crowd screams the more endorsements and momentum McCain picks up. Check out this list of endorsements:

  • Rudy Giuliani
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • TX Governor Rick Perry
  • Sen Olympia Snowe
  • Sen Susan Collins
  • Fomer U.S. Solicitor General Ted Olson
  • And that is not all – more are sure to come. Gallup is saying that since Rudy has left the race and endorsed McCain, McCain is seeing a huge lift in the national polls (and I assume state polls too):

    In Wednesday’s release, the gap between McCain and Romney was 11 points (32% and 21%, respectively). Mike Huckabee is holding steady in third place at 17% in the current numbers. Giuliani was included in the Jan. 28 and 29 interviewing, but removed from the ballot last night. The one-night interviews from Jan. 30 — with Giuliani out of the race — show a substantial increase in McCain’s support, suggesting his lead will likely expand in the coming days. Wednesday night’s interviewing also was the first conducted following McCain’s win Tuesday in Florida.

    Romney is losing ground fast. And the more the hyper-partisan cry and lash out at the impure on radio, TV, newspapers and blogs the more support they chase to McCain. McCain is not my first choice – he is way down my list. I don’t think he is conservative enough – just like many others. But my criticism is not laced with angers and insults at people who disagree, and that is the difference. The tone of the nation has changed, it is not interested in anger and insults. If you have to say things like “McSnide” and “McLame” then you have lost the debate and the attention of too many Americans to be considered relevant.

    Those ranting the most are the ones causing the result they dislike so much. It reminds me of when a baby pulls their hair but it does not know it is their hand causing the pain – which makes the cry, which makes them pull all the harder, which makes the cry more! Talk about your self generating feed-back loops.

    Those feedback loops of anger and angst towards the none believers has chased a clear and serious voice from the GOP – The Anchoress. And in her usual gifted manner she speaks clearly of the undemocratic thinking that is the force behind the hyper-partisan purity wars.

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    1. jimbo1 says:

      AJ I found this and thought you would like to discuss it.http://www.adnkronos.com/AKI/English/Security/?id=1.0.1829948965 another bombshell out of the Pakistani border region..

    2. sherman50 says:

      One of the more hilarious far Right attacks on President Bush over the years is that he called Islam a “religion of peace” not long after 9/11. As if he was a blogger, talk show radio host or pro wrestler instead of President of the United States.

      And as for immigration isn’t the true conservative position (in an American context) is that if you want to be an American you are one?

    3. lurker9876 says:

      Whoa! Does it mean that we’re getting closer to bin Laden?

      Well, AJStrata, I really don’t want Bill Clinton back in the WH and reading another article about one of his friends jumping on Lincoln’s bed.

      So if it comes between Hillary and McCain, you know what my vote will be.

    4. Cepan says:

      If your crystal ball is working now like it did two weeks ago when you picked Rudy to win then I feel confident in my support of Mitt Romney.

      You fail to realize that there are 22 races coming up, and after Huckabee loses most he will bail out and ROMNEY gets his delegates and his voters becuase they all HATE Mclame.

      You have totally missed the boat on this one as mych as on illegal immigration.

      Keep this up and you will be in for a rude shock with what happens.

      It’s a shame, because on the war in Iraq you are dead on, but on this and Illegals you are WAY out of touch with reality.

      Too long in the Beltway is my guess having lived there myself.

    5. kathie says:

      You know I listen to many points of view and I listen to the candidates and draw my own conclusions. Laura Ingram was on O’Riely one evening, she was being strident on some topic and I thought I’ll watch CSI instead. They are paid for their point of view, but do they really sway thoughtful people? I don’t know, but they don’t sway me.

    6. Klimt says:

      Romney still is a strong candidate. I am not counting him out just yet. McCain does have the upper hand, though.

    7. Whippet1 says:

      First of all you link to a Gallup poll that isn’t even specific about McCain’s movement other that to say he’s gone up. Since we all know that Gallup has such an accurate history at their polling (sarcasm) I find it interesting that Rasmussen’s numbers (link below) are quite different. Yes, McCain has moved but they are much closer than Gallups.

      And what happens to your theory if Huckabee decides his personal stategy of mucking up things only for his personal benefit (at the expense of the nation) and removes himself from the race? You think all those Evangelicals who have supported him are gonna vote for McCain if Huckabee is out? Mitt’s been getting a huge share of those votes even with Huckabee in the race.

      McCain is definately on a roll right now but it’s still no guarantee.

      And who’s surprised about a lot of the endorsements he’s received? Primarily other moderates who straddle the line between the 2 parties ideologies.

      McCain has some issues that when exposed by the national media, which will happen, will be very problematic for him in the general election. Many things still remain to be seen…


    8. Whippet1 says:

      Now that’s not very pretty is it?
      Serious linky problem?

    9. Whippet1 says:

      Hmm. Seems maybe the Dems feel pretty strongly about their chances this fall…Moderate, huh? I really thought it would take a little longer for the knives to come out.


    10. Whippet1 says:

      And AJ,

      from Ace of Spades…

      I couldn’t have said it better:

      “In any event, I think the McCain backers and soft-supporters ought to consider very seriously that at least some Republicans will not vote for McCain under any circumstances whatsoever. So before you guys try to mau-mau us to rally behind him for party unity, perhaps you should first try instead rallying behind Mitt Romney.”

      “For the sake of party unity, you understand.”

    11. antimedia says:

      The shrillest voice I’m reading these days is yours. You’ve done nothing recently but insult conservatives as “far right” and then (inexplicably) expect them to agree with your position.

      BTW, if you’re impressed with endorsements, one might think you’re rather shallow. I could care less who endorses anyone. I decide for myself who to vote for based upon their record and their demonstrated principles.

      Maybe you should consider doing the same.

    12. AJStrata says:


      Antimedia – you are hilarious. I am not McCain fan. I am not shrill, I am making cold and objective observations on how the purity wars have resulted in a neutered conservative movement and a GOP that is now rallying behind a standard bearer way too liberal for my tastes.

      But then again I am not the one who runs around calling people “RINO to denigrate them. Ever use the term RINO AM???

      I thought so.

    13. ivehadit says:

      Great post, AJ. I am truly disgusted with some who think they own the republican party. Part of the problem is that they think that compromise is surrender. It’s all or nothing, black or white with them. They truly think they are being annihilated if they don’t win out 100% over everyone else in the republican party.

      They have jumped the shark, imho. Did you see Ann Coulter on Fox tonight? She’s voting for Hillary over McCain. Unbelievable. I think she does more to help McCain, unintended of course.

    14. sjreidhead says:

      After Coulter’s absolutely remarkable performance on H & C this evening, all I can say is thank heavens for “Lost”! It took my mind off the whole thing for a good hour of trying to figure out how Hurley and Jack managed to get off the island and why he is seeing Charlie’s ghost.

      In all actuality, “Lost” has far more reality to it than some conservatives have today. They have truly “lost” it! I find myself wondering how much farther they can go and still maintain any iota of reason and logic.

      The Pink Flamingo

    15. Dc says:

      How far can they go? They can assure a DNC wine.

    16. Dc says:

      “win” ….sorry (too much “wine”)

    17. dave m says:

      There is a link to an Ann Coulter video over at http://patdollard.com
      in which she threatens to campaign for Hillary if McCain gets the

      How stupid.

      The biggest disaster that could befall the USA in these very
      threatening years, in which it is highly likely that terrorists will
      get nukes from either Pakistan or Iran, is to elect Barack Obama,
      who is maybe a muslim or at least has islamist sympathies.
      Nobody should think they have the luxury of throwing all their
      toys out of the pram with no consequences, and I’m ignoring
      these hysterical voices just as much as I would not listen to
      Barbara Streisand or Bono.
      I suspect that a lot of Americans are not doing what their political
      masters are telling them to do this time around.
      I stopped reading Miss Coulter’s stuff after that recent bit where
      she said “Jews are OK, they just need perfecting”. Thanks Ann,
      we didn’t want any of their votes, did we?
      Come to think of it, maybe it would be a good thing for her to
      go over and campaign for the democrats! (heh)

    18. hnav says:

      John McCain has produced a Clintonian Deceit, vivid lies, even at the Reagan Library.

      This is an unethical politician.

      Smearing his way through the Primary.

      It is ugly…

      And it is telling you, Mr. Strata, would entertain this folly.

      It is a huge mistake.

      John McCain sealed the deal with my opposition to him, with this Slick Willy Smear of an opponent in Florida.

      Senator McCain reminded everyone again, he is mentally unstable, deeply insecure, and far too bitterly jaded for the Nomination.

      Seeing John McCain’s snide demeaning, juvenile belittling, of an ethical American Success from the Free Market has been regretful.

      Sadly, this is a Senator of 24 years whose only real accomplishment is limiting political speech with a disastrous Campaign Finance Reform.

      The old Keating 5 Member opposes Waterboarding – Gitmo, votes against Tax Cuts using class warfare rhetoric, has demeaned Sec. Rumsfeld repeatedly for personal political gain, and answers questions about serious economic challenges with references of Senate Associates.

      Soon, TWO very tired, aged, misguided Senators with little accomplishment, employing vivid deceit, having an overt liberal embrace, pushing global warming populism, endorsed by the NY Times, will be seeking the most important Office we have in Our Nation.

      Two celebrity Washington Insiders of Mr. McCain’s self described “failure”.

      Each are embarrassing Beltway Symbols, with no serious CEO Experience.

      Both have unethical Skeletons hiding in the closet, including the Keating 5, Whitewater, TravelGate, etc…

      Two Egotists favored by the MSM !

      Neither are optimistic…

      John McCain repeatedly stated we need to embrace failure, to be straight!

      These 2 Senators are NOT positive, pleasant, charming, or even funny…

      The polls suggest Americans are not happy with those in the Capital, yet they (led by many misguided efforts) are encouraging the same dysfunctional incompetence.

      I believe in personal responsibility, and it seems we are destined to get what we deserve.

      Senator McCain ?

      Who said we “wasted” Our Bravest’s Lives on late night television?

      Senator Clinton ?

      An infamous LIAR who wants to take things away from Americans?

      What a fine comedy of errors…

    19. Terrye says:

      I have news for the Mitt Romney supporters, it is not McCain’s fault that there candidate did not take off.

      When I read HNAV’s rant, I am just that much more inclined to vote for McCain.

      But you know what? If Romney gets the nomination I will not make an ass of myself and promise to either stay home or campaign for Hillary. I will not do everything I can to destroy Mitt Romney just because he beat McCain. I will not call him a liar, in spite of some of his questionable statements. I will not call him a liberal, in spite of his Mass. record.

      John McCain may not be your first choice, but he deserves to be treated with respect and if people can not do that, then why should I believe they are any better?

      I mean really? If someone like Ann Coulter can say that she will vote for Hillary Clinton, even campaign for her if we do not do as Ann tells us, then obviously the woman was never anything but a big phony in the first place.

      And the hundreds of thousands of young men and women we have sent into battle? Well screw em I guess. Just forget all that stuff about winning the war.

      That makes me sick. It really does. And it makes John look better and Mitt lose less appealing. I am beginning to think some of these people need a smack down and John McCain might be the man to give it to them.

      But you know what? If by some miracle Mitt Romney does win the nomination, I can promise you I won’t be campaigning for Hillary.

    20. Terrye says:

      And btw, if I remember correctly the enemy was Huckabee just a short while ago. He was the guy who was going to destroy the Party, bring us all to ruin. etc.

      I say let the voters decide. If that makes me a traitor some movement or other, then fine. I would rather be a traitor to the movement, than my own principles.