Jan 11 2008

Success In Iraq, Anbar Becomes Independent

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The center of Sunni and al-Qaeda resistance a year ago, Anbar Province is readying itself to join the Iraqi nation as a Province under Iraqi control:

Iraq’s western province of Anbar, hotbed of the Sunni Arab insurgency for the first four years of the war, will be returned to Iraqi control in March, a senior U.S. general said Thursday.
In a telephone interview from Iraq, Marine Maj. Gen. Walter E. Gaskin, commander of the roughly 35,000 Marine and Army forces in Anbar, said levels of violence have dropped so significantly—coupled with the growth and development of Iraqi security forces in the province—that Anbar is ready to be handed back to the Iraqis.

Thus far, nine of 18 Iraqi provinces have reverted to Iraqi control, most recently the southern province of Basra in December. The process has gone substantially slower than the Bush administration once hoped, mainly because of obstacles to developing sufficient Iraqi police and army forces. But Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Thursday that he expects the process to continue.

These handovers provide the opportunity for US troops to come home. This is great news. As Larry the Cable guy might say “Now that’s Victory! I don’t care who you are, that’s Victory!”

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  1. kathie says:

    It is snowing in Iraq today…….the Iraqi’s see it as a sign of PEACE.