Jan 08 2008

Eye On Pakistan II

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I found this interesting site with statistics on the violence in Pakistan related to terrorists. It shows an ever increasing level in violence, one that almost mirrors the decline in violence in Iraq:

Us Fatalities 2007.JPG

As seen at the linked site the death toll has risen all year, but the violence is localized to some degree:

There are more than 100,000 soldiers deployed in FATA to confront the Taliban, al Qaeda and other militant groups who have created safe havens there. Five years after military operations were launched against the Taliban–al Qaeda combine in FATA, the radical alliance is the chief proponent and vehicle of a violent jihad that has achieved major strategic successes and significant victories. 1,681 persons, including 1,014 militants, 424 civilians and 243 SF personnel, were killed in the region in 2007.

2007 witnessed the sweeping transformation of NWFP as a major battleground for radical Islam. At least 1,190 persons, including 459 civilians, 538 militants and 193 SF personnel, were killed in 2007. Significantly, 27 of the 56 suicide attacks in Pakistan in 2007 occurred in the NWFP.

When you add it up these two regions account for 2871 out of 3599 or 80% of the violence. Contrary to media hype it appears all of Pakistan is not burning – just the lawless tribal areas now surrounded by 100,000 Pakistani troops on the south and thousands of NATO-US-Afghan troops to the north along the Afghanistan border.

Moreover, there are battles ongoing for control of FATA and NWFP that pit the terrorists against those Islamic fundamentalists who are not interested in a war of civilization:

Rival militants attacked offices of a pro-government militant, killing nine and wounding eight of his men on Sunday night.The attackers first stormed the office of Maulvi Nazir in Wana and killed three of his supporters and wounded four others, sources said.

The militants, equipped with rockets and heavy weapons, launched another attack on the office of Maulvi Nazir’s close aide, Maulvi Khanan, in Shakai town, killing six people and wounding five others.

A spokesman for Maulvi Nazir blamed Baitullah Mehsud’s supporters for the attack and asked all Mahsud tribesmen to leave the Wazir tribe-dominated areas to avoid bloodshed.

“We suspect Baitullah and his Uzbek supporters for this gruesome attack which left nine Mujahideen dead,” Lala Wazir said.

So the Islamo Fascists are being told to leave and are being challenged openly:

A large number of attackers, he said, came from the Mehsud area at night and attacked the local peace committee offices in Wana and Shakai areas. He said the culprits would be punished after completion of investigations.

Local people said that Maulvi Nazir’s supporters shot dead an associate of Baitullah and captured four others in Wana, the administrative headquarters of the South Waziristan. Tension gripped the entire area and all shops and markets remained closed in Wana.

It could be another ‘awakening’ as the fascists turn their sanctuaries into a death trap thanks to their bloodthirsty actions. When trying to hide out it is not a good idea to torture and kill your hosts trying to cover for you – as al-Qaeda learned in Anbar Iraq. And for those eternal BDS-driven pessimists it is clear that there are people who once followed al-Qaeda and the Taliban willing to switch sides and change their future:

A Taliban commander who defected hours before British and Afghan forces retook the Taliban stronghold of Musa Qala has been rewarded with the governorship of the town.

Mullah Abdul Salaam switched sides after months of delicate secret negotiations with the Afghan government, as part of a programme of reconciliation backed by British commanders in Helmand.

In a move clearly intended to send a message to other potential Taliban defectors, the Afghan government has announced that he had become the new district governor with the backing of local tribes.

The far left in this country is simply paralyzed by fear, incapable of action because all they can see is defeat. Which is probably true if they were in charge. Thankfully they are not in charge and we continue to progress towards a future victory in Iraq, Afghanistan and hopefully Pakistan.

The only question I have is how will Obama lie to take credit for all Bush is doing is last year in office to create this path to success?

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