Dec 11 2007

Incompetent Dems Stomp Feet And Pout

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The Democrats have lost the ability to lead or govern. All they do now is stomp their feet, pout and complain to the media that it is too hard to get their work done. The latest example – in a year of unending examples – is the inability of Congress to fund the Federal Government, especially our troops on the front lines of a war Congress authorized, and which we are now winning:

A Democratic deal to give President Bush some war funding in exchange for additional domestic spending appeared to collapse last night after House Appropriations Committee Chairman David R. Obey (D-Wis.) accused Republicans of bargaining in bad faith.

Instead, Obey said he will push a huge spending bill that would hew to the president’s spending limit by stripping it of all lawmakers’ pet projects, as well as most of the Bush administration’s top priorities. It would also contain no money for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Only a seriously self-obsessed fool would threaten the lives of our military overseas to get his way on a budget deal. But the Dems are not capable of leading. They cannot stomach the compromise required to get bills past a divided Congress. They can’t give up anything – they would rather pout to the cameras and cripple our government.

Leading others to common cause is a selfless act of sacrifice and compromise – most times. The selfish Dems clearly have no leadership left in them. If anyone could salvage the GOP’s future in the 2008 elections it is clearly this dysfunctional and whiney Democrat Congressional leadership. Their so impotent they make even the Iraqi government look good in comparison.

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5 Responses to “Incompetent Dems Stomp Feet And Pout”

  1. kathie says:

    Leadership skills are different then beating up skills. They have spent 7 years beating up after someone has lead.

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    Over one hundred days wasted playing with war spending bills they knew would not work but wanted to appease their base. Now they have to combine 10 or more spending bills into one large package to take up the slack and thus none of the bills got the individual attention they deserve.
    Also if this version flies there is still no war funding which has yet to be done.
    It is one thing to try to advance your agenda, but to bypass all your responsibilities along the way is excessive as a vehicle to try to do it.
    Get your job done and then go pose and scream on the Sunday talk shows all you want, but do your job.

  3. WWS says:

    I suspect they are going to be stupid enough to force this entire issue into a huge train wreck, with ordinary workers around the country being laid off. A replay of the Republican Congress disastrous shutdown of ’95, which failed utterly. They are so convinced they are “right” that they’re goign to blow everything up and demand an election to have it proved to themselves. Again, the exact same mistake as in ’95.

  4. Boghie says:

    The funniest thing about Obey’s threat is this:

    He will have to identify the pork…

    What happens when the voters see the great big pork chop in the midst of the appropriation bills? What happens when the ham shank is half or more of the difference between Bush’s spending plan and Obey’s spending plan?

    Do the Democrats really think I will be crying if my CongressCritter loses his chunk of the fat for a year?

    Imagine the fun of justifying a hamhock over funding the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    This could be fun!!!

  5. Right Voices says:

    Democrats Demand Pork In Exchange for Military Spending…

    Gee how I wish I could find a way to make this sound as if the Democrats are just kidding, but alas, they are serious. “Give us our pork and we will give you that stupid military spending that you keep harping about Mr. President”:
    A Democ…