Dec 05 2007

NIE Jujitsu, Bush Says “Prove It”

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I am starting to wonder if this NIE release wasn’t some form of a Trojan Horse filled with rope for the far left and the Iranians to hang themselves. First off, the NIE is clear – they don’t know if Iran has a nuke program up and running, all they know it they had one in 2003 and stopped right after we swept Hussein out of power. We also know Israel, the IAEA and other nearby countries to Iran aren’t buying the spin of the NIE.

For the far left it has been an opportunity for the country to see just how crazy these folks are. They are so afraid Bush might react to a real threat by Iran that they would gladly let Iran arm itself while they hamstring (they think) the President. has gone so far as to fantasize the military would resist the order (and in essence commit treason and destroy the concept of civilian command in this country forever)

In the face of this NIE, a possibility that had once seemed remote — that the uniformed military might resist carrying out an order for a self-destructive attack on Iran –is suddenly more plausible.

From Moonbat to Fruitbat. When your reality is based on what Hollywood produces you get these kinds of silly fantasies. If the President orders a strike it will be carried out – this is so childishly naive. Which is why all the conspiracy nuts on the left miss the big point – what is holding Bush back now? Nothing. If all their fears were true (and they aren’t) Bush could order it now and declare Marshall Law and suspend elections and march everyone of to Bible school while the government listens in on everyone’s phone calls. What is stopping him? Nothing, except the fact all that silly hogwash is simply over-excited imaginations run amok.

So the far left is coming out and displaying their biggest weaknesses (national defense) to the American people, and now Iran is being called on to PROVE the NIE is factual!

US President George W Bush urged Iran on Wednesday to ‘come clean’ about its nuclear activities or face further international isolation.

Bush said Iran should halt uranium enrichment and enter negotiations with the United States and Europe to end the dispute over Tehran’s nuclear ambitions.

‘The Iranians have a strategic choice to make,’ Bush said. ‘They can come clean with the international community about the scope of their nuclear activities and fully accept a longstanding offer to suspend their enrichment program and come to the table and negotiate.’

What a pivot move! I wonder if it was not planned? Here we have wild and unsubstantiated speculation Iran is not working on building nukes (based on some news media photos from an Iranian guided tour of a small portion of one facility), the far left takes it all as Gospel and Iran stands up and declares to the world they were wronged and now are vindicated. And then Bush steps up and says “OK, prove it”. Even better, he points out Iran failed to come clean on the program that was supposedly shutdown in 2003 – making their credibility (and all who put faith in it) very shaky:

‘It is clear from the latest NIE that the Iranian government has more to explain about its nuclear intentions and past actions, especially the covert nuclear weapons program pursued into the fall of 2003 which the Iranian regime has yet to acknowledge,’ he said.

So what about that Iran – explain why you hid the weapons program you had running into 2003? This will go down in history as a great political Jujitsu moment, when Bush turned the tables on everyone who said the world is saved, Iran is good, Bush is evil, he can’t do anything. Bush just smiles, agrees and says “prove it”! What will Iran do now? Say “no” – they must if their program is up and running? What will the left do it Iran says “no”? Will they go so far to say to America “trust these mad islamic extremists who have visions of destroying Israel and America, they won’t build nukes – you should fear Bush instead!”? Too funny and my hat is off to one crafty President- George W Bush. Don’t EVER play poker with that man.

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  1. Terrye says:

    This is exactly what I have been trying to say. When Gaddafi wanted to come clean, he did. His program was dismantled.

    We heard and watched Saddam screw around the UN for years and then after the invasion could not find the stockpiles. So why didn’t he comply and save himself years before? To save face, to protect his mothballed wmd programs? Probably, but it seems that now Iran is in the same position. It is not only the US who has accused Iran of having a nuke program, the international community has been convinced enough that they have been pressuring them and threatening harsher sanctions for years.

    So, if the Iranians are going to claim they are innocent, it is easy enough to prove. Cooperate.

    But that would mean no more enriching uranium. That would mean doing away with the program, not just stalling it.

    And what has the left got to say? Well they are letting the Iranians know that if one of their guys or gals wins the Iranians will be free to do whatever they want. Boy, that’ll scare the mullahs to death.

  2. Terrye says:

    BTW, I think they probably did halt the program in 2003, they are waiting for President Obama.

  3. roonent1 says:

    AJ –

    NIE Update! NIE author told the Armed Services Commitee in July of this year, 4 months ago –

    ” Iran is continuing to pursue uranium enrichment and has shown more interest in protracting negotiations and working to delay and diminish the impact of UNSC sanctions than in reaching an acceptable diplomatic solution. We assess that Tehran is determined to develop nuclear weapons–despite its international obligations and international pressure.”

    Read it here –

  4. Soothsayer says:

    If you BELIEVE Bush . . . his National Security Advisor tells him that there’s new information on Iran, but the jug-eared Clown from Crawford neglects to ask the follow-up question: What’s the news? . . . thus demonstrating he is either an imbecile or a liar.

    Either he didn’t ask the question . . . which makes him an imbecile; OR he did ask the question, and chose to lie about it.

    And this does not even address his terrfyingly disjointed slurred speech and his detatched from reality appearance. He may have to spend time in rehab even before his term is out . . . what a mess.

  5. roonent1 says:

    Heh Soothie, I mean Ken,

    The author of this report just lied in it or lied to Congress. You pick your choice. If he lied to Congress, he can be charged for giving false testimony.

    Where have you been hiding? It is so funny to see you avoid the Iraq war threads because we are winning there. The democrats and media are slowing having to admit it but they are going to look like the liars and fools when it becaomes even more stabilized over the next year. That is right, we have one year before the 2008 elections and your lying party made their stance on Iraq. The wrong stance and the American voters will hold them to account for trying to deny our troops the outcome they deserve.

    Soothie you were and are wrong on Iraq. Stand down from the ledge and do not jump because I am sure you can always find a tree to sit to save.

  6. Neo says:

    What most people don’t seem to understand that the NIE changes nothing in regard to the sanctions, since they are based of the actions or inactions in regard to the uranium enrichment program that the Iranians have admitted to having and are now running, but whose purpose is still not completely clear.

    None of the sanctions have anything to do with a nuclear weapons program that may or may not be operational.

    Given the reports by the press, who can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, I understand this confusion.

  7. ivehadit says:

    Roon, I say let soothie speak. We will continue to clearly get the visual of what these leftists are like…No more hiding their views! The rope has been extended…let them step right into it!

    Never mess with Texas…

  8. scaulen says:

    Poor Soothghoul, doesn’t have enough US deaths to get himself off, he’s going to squint his eyes and make do with bashing the President. you argue like a pre-schooler, name calling is so pre-K Soothghoul, step your game up, oh wait you can’t your a leftard who has bet all on the house busting in Iraq. I sure hope you didn’t sign over any titles or deeds betting against the US, no wait that’s a lie, I hope you did, and I plan on enjoying your misery as the left who were almost assured the Presidency and continued control of both houses crashes into the control tower on a victory fly by before the race was even over.

    Tip: install a windshield wiper on your screen to help you with your uncontrollable sputtering and spitting over the Democratic Camelot that alas will never be.

  9. Dc says:

    I can’t even believe Soothie has the gall to show face around here.

  10. dave m says:

    I don’t believe the NIE. That’s that. What I wonder,
    if Iran isn’t attacked and I think it probably will be attacked but
    just suppose, what will the CIA and the MSM say when Iran
    attempts to explode it’s first bomb in oh about 2009?
    Will the CIA admit to being wrong – again? Or will Bush
    get the blame for “letting Iran get the bomb” ?

  11. Terrye says:


    Actually Bush did ask for follow up and they said he would get it once the assessment was done.

    As for the jug eared remark, that sounds juvenile and silly, just like most things you say.

    Just think if not for Bush’s tough stance against Iran they would have their bomb by now and we would be facing the possibility of a nuclear confrontation in the Mideast. I am sure soothie would love that.

  12. Terrye says:


    The interesting thing about that is that the actual date by which the Iranians could have a bomb has not changed that much. About 2012 in both reports. My guess is that the Iranians continue to enrich uranium and they stall the program rather than scrap it…it would not be that big deal to start up again and get back on schedule.

  13. Dc says:

    Like Saddam, Iran..has been playing poke the giant…in more ways than one. We are technically already at war with them…they are using gov Iranian military Quds in some cases who working inside Iraq and in some cases directly attack our forces— which is an act of war by any standard. Iran continues to deny this, even as we capture their soldiers, agents, equipment, weapons etc., in Iraq.

    At some point, an appropriate response is called for. That used to mean international pressure. That no longer works because the UN has been completely corrupted to the point that it can no longer function. Even in extreme cases…direct cases…they simply cannot act. It has been mainly China and Russia who have really worked against our interest to deflate diplomatic, non-military pressures against Iran. (something “I” personally feel we should keep in mind dealing with them,—particularly China and our “economic” interests).

    It should be clear that if we believe Iran did have an active nuclear weapons program up to 2003, that the Russians either directly or indirectly supported that program and China ran blocker for them.

    The president is not doing anything different. He is relying on this NIE for the decisions he makes about Iran…just as he did when the NIE was on IRaq. And that’s taking for granted that there is dissent within the community which is inherent to the process.

    There are dissenters on this NIE just as there were on Iraq. He’s following the guidance of the estimate. If the intel community feels the estimate should be somehow different…that’s up to them to resolve. I would guess that’s why the dissenters feel they are somehow justified in leaking national secrets to the press, etc., to say….we told them something different.