Nov 18 2007

al-Qaeda’s Atrocities Exposed

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As I said earlier today, the news from Iraq for the next few months will follow two basic themes. One will be those of continued signs of success and victory for our side. And the other will be the exposure of the atrocities the al-Qaeda Islamo Fascists inflicted on their fellow Muslims:

Remains of possibly dozens of people believed killed in sectarian violence have been unearthed from a mass grave in a former al-Qaeda stronghold in southern Baghdad.

It was the third such find in Iraq this month.

The remains included those of women and children.

al-Qaeda rules through brutality. This simple fact is why Iraqis shifted from supporting al-Qaeda to hunting them down. It is why Iraq has turned towards democracy and looks to the US to help them out of their long nightmare under the jackboot of Islamo Fascism. More here on the grisly find:

The bodies, some bearing identification and others not, appeared to be mainly Shiites. They were transported in numbered bags to the Kadhimin mosque in a Shiite portion of Dora, police said.

The discovery was made during a joint operation by police and members of the Awakening Council of Sunnis who have turned against the militant group and are cooperating with authorities. A source for the Interior Ministry said police were searching for bombs when they were drawn to the deserted house by a foul smell.

A mass grave containing at least 22 bodies also believed to be victims of sectarian killings was discovered Nov. 6 by joint Iraqi-U.S. forces in a Sunni area near Tharthar Lake northwest of Baghdad.

In August, police in Baqubah found about 60 bodies buried on the northwestern outskirts of the city in strife-torn Diyala province. Authorities believe they, and other victims previously found in mass graves, were killed by the Iraq government more than a decade ago when it was run by Saddam Hussein.

This is the fate of Iraqis if America follows the self destructive goals of the liberal democrats in Congress. We will assign 25 million people to hell if we leave too soon and give al-Qaeda a new chance take over. Right now we have Muslim allies who are grateful for our efforts to liberate and protect them. Only a delusional liberal democrat would want to change course now and leave these people to a Hell on Earth.

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  1. kathie says:

    The Democrats tied our security to democratic elections in Pakistan at the most recent debate. I’m wondering why they would not also tie our security to a stable Iraq. Perhaps it is because Bush does!

  2. dhunter says:

    Also, at the most recent debate the Democrats professed support for international human rights above security for the US, (I almost threw up and swiftly changed channels), however that must not be the case if it is applied to a victory in Iraq.

    We must loose at all costs so as to humiliate Bush. We must lose at all costs so as to promote the Democrat idea of an unjust, inept war and put the party in power that has gotten even less done while in the majority in the house and senate than the Iraqi congress has.

    Can the American electorate be this Dumb? The Democrats have proven they have no better ideas just surrender, NOW!