Nov 03 2007

When Courts Try To Take Over

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I have no special knowledge or insight into Pakistani politics. But I do know two things. First, President Musharraf was elected in a landslide by the process his country has for electing Presidents – the vote of Parliament. And we know the courts have been trying to create new law and pull of a judicial coup d’etat in recent months. I am not sure who is in the right, but I know the Supreme Court is in the wrong to try and overthrow the election based on a an arcane and untested view of one statute. Democracy is based on the popular support, if not acceptance, of the people and their representatives. So far Musharraf has had this support – with the exception of the Islamo Fascists who gave us 9-11.

Pakistan President Musharraf has had to take control over his country because a court was about to undo the vote of the people (via their duly elected representatives). This was clearly a probable first step in a military action that would use the court as a fig-leaf excuse to oust Musharraf. Did Musharraf over react? The truth will be indicated by the people of Pakistan. If the only ones complaining side with the terrorists or with those thirsting for power and using this moment in history to snatch some, then Musharraf will make it through this.

Courts are not perfect, omnipotent, god-like institutions. They are a group of people with all humanities strengths and weaknesses. And worst of all they are NOT beholding to the general public. They were given their freedom from the people to interpret law without retribution. The courts were NEVER meant to be an avenue to subvert the will of the people. Those who try should be shot for treason. Because to spoil the special place courts hold with power grabs is to destroy a nation at its core support system.

This is why the Dems took such a beating after 2000, everyone knew they tried to use the courts to change the results of elections. Take note, this is a trend that has been INCREASING in recent years.

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  1. piniella says:

    And we know the courts have been trying to create new law and pull of a judicial coup d’etat in recent months.

    No they haven’t.

  2. Terrye says:

    I don’t know what to think of all this, but it ain’t good.

  3. Terrye says:

    John at Power Line is trying to give Mushareff the benefit of the doubt. I guess time will tell, elections are supposed to take place in Jan.

  4. lurker9876 says:

    Captain’s Quarters implied that this doesn’t bode well for Musharaff. Time will tell. Hope Musharaff will be able to pull this through.

  5. WWS says:

    I have never had any great sympathy for or trust in Musharref, as I hold him and his backers (including Saudi financers) as being primarily responsible for the rise of both the Taliban and Al Qaeda in the 90’s – Pakistan saw them as a convenient, hands off way to achieve an advantage in their decades long war with India over Kashmir. Of course, once the US got directly involved, Musharref had to choose which way to jump, and like Franco after WW2 he promised loyalty to the US in return for our continued support.

    Given that there never have been any acceptable alternatives in Pakistan, it was logical that we would indeed accept his pledges to work with us, half hearted though they may have been. And this acceptance would have occurred, and will continue no matter who is President or who is in charge of Congress, since there is no other rational choice to make – and allowing Pakistan to slide into chaos means nukes to Al Qaeda.

    Musharreff has always been the marginally best of several very bad choices, and he continues to be. That’s the real world for ya.

  6. Terrye says:


    This is true, sometimes there are just no good options.

    BTW, I think it could be said that the US let the Taliban rise as well, because the enemy we were concerned with at the time were the Soviets. So far as I know there was no real effort made on the part of the US to stop the Saudi financers or the Pakistan pro Taliban forces.