Nov 02 2007

NJ Senator Under Investigation

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I find it interesting that another (how many is it now?) NJ politician is under investigation – this time it is a first time Democrat Senator:

Over the past several months, the U.S. attorney’s office in New Jersey has issued two grand jury subpoenas to former clients of Kay LiCausi, a lobbyist and former aide to Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ). The investigation, of course, is no secret, but after a controversy raged over subpoenas issued shortly before the 2006 election, the investigation has shifted direction entirely. Now the focus seems to be whether Menendez steered lobbying contracts to his former girlfriend and then delivered government funds to those client once they’d hired her.

With Congressional support at historic lows and a long list of NJ political scandals I am wondering when NJ is going to stop supporting the Dems blindly and finally break into the 21st century? In my opinion it is only a matter of time – but I have suspected they would finally get over their robot-like support of the Dems twice before. I guess we shall see in a few years.

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  1. granitroc says:

    Although born and raised there, I escaped along time ago, but still have relatives there. So I have an idea of what’s going on.

    First, you have to realize the current generation was raised by the “Great Depression” generation who always regaled us on the evils of the Hoover republicans and the savior, Roosevelt democrats.

    Secondly, the republican party in NJ is and has always been part of the Rockefeller wing, i.e. the country club variety. When you ask someone from NJ why they don’t vote for change, they look at you funny. NJ republicans are viewed as just fat cats wanting to line their own pockets. Better the devil you know (democrats) then the devil you don’t (republicans). Ultimately, the Rockefeller variety don’t offer much “change”. On the occasion when voters give republicans a try, they are often disappointed.

    Real change will only occur when a Reagan style republican arises. I think the people of NJ are hungry for change. They want lower taxes and less cockamamey laws telling them how to live, especially laws that go against traditional values like family and religion.

    People have to believe good changes could occur before they will give such trust at the ballot box. There are some grassroot politians out there who could lead the change, but it won’t be easy. The money is with the Unions and the media is fully co-opted. But then again, they said Reagan didn’t have a chance, too.

    For the sake of my relatives and friends left behind, I wish my home state well. I recently returned there after a long hiatus and was appalled at what the politians had done to what was once a great state to live in. Not half joking I told my cousin all the politians who had served in the last twenty years should be lined up and shot for what they have done.

    Instead, I’m sure their now living the life of Reilly. Maybe they will name buildings and roads for them. Its sad!

  2. hnav says:

    One of the problems remains the influx of Democrat Partisans from NYC.

    It seems a pattern, as they vote Democrat, leave the State, then more enter…

    Some have mentioned the Immigration increases over the years from various places such as India, Korea, Japan, etc…

    It could not be more sad, as the Democrat Faithful have embraced a political bigotry, so no matter how ugly the Democrat Corruption – Taxation becomes, these Partisans still enable the folly.

    They are even pushing $450 million stem cell research referendum, even while the State’s spending is already out of control.

    NJ Democrats have such a vivid bigotry for Republicans, they seem to want to embrace Stem Cell Research as a rebuke to Republicans, instead of deciding on whether this is sound policy.

    “New Jersey voters will be asked in November to approve borrowing $450 million to fund stem cell research in the state for 10 years under an agreement reached between top legislators and Gov. Jon S. Corzine, a leading stem cell research advocate said Tuesday.”