Oct 28 2007

In The Wake Of Katrina, GOP Success

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The liberal media and their democrat masters in Congress make a good play on TV and in the newstands, but Americans – much more sophisticated and intelligent than their purchasing habits may initially appear – are not buying the liberal fiction. Katrina is the best indication of this happening. It is clear why, but let me comment on foolishness of market trends to discern intellect to underscore why there is a disconnect between the elitist liberals and the rest of the country.

If you look for mass markets in any sector of this country you will find cheap and simple top out. McDonald’s, paperback books, comedy films, cheap cars. The trend in BUYING is less sophistication, less “intellectual”. The truth is though, all of us buy a spectrum of products. I eat at McDonalds (it is fast and easy for me to get something reasonable once a week or so), but we also have two wireless networks, about 10 computers and a plethora of peripherals in our house. We buy these once every few years. Our high end purchases are the ones we do occassionally on long term items. In the short term, entertainment especially, we go cheap.

So if you simply looked at our purchases over 6 months (and missed our more thought out ones) we would look pretty simple minded. Trust me, we are not. We don’t chase trends much either. And we definitely see things CLEARER than the news media because we are, on average, much better educated and sophisticated in terms of the way government works than most journalists. Thanks to the family being in politics for years.

So if the media looks to discern its audience from the massive, quick hit type traffic as opposed to what is really going on (we listen to CNN because it is on in hotels and airports, not for any other reason) they come up with the idea they can LEAD the news and twist it. Which of course is all a huge mistake based on their mistaken conclusions on their customers based on a simple minded view of economics.

The same misread by the media has caused them to fail in making their messages stick in the public eye. They failed in Iraq because the news was happening on the ground, out of their control, in spite of their lame attempts to change it, shape it, and they have failed in Lousiana as well:

WHEN it comes to the business of elections, Louisiana likes to confound conventional wisdom. While most of its Southern neighbours were busy electing Republicans during the early 2000s, Louisiana stubbornly returned a Democrat, Mary Landrieu, to the Senate in 2002, and put another one, Kathleen Blanco, in the governor’s mansion in 2003. Now, as Republican fortunes have sagged across the nation—in no small part because of the Bush administration’s failure to cope with Hurricane Katrina’s devastation of Louisiana’s coast in 2005—the party is having a banner year in the state.

Atop the scorecard is the Republicans’ reclamation of the governorship, in a rare primary-election victory by the 36-year-old Bobby Jindal on October 20th. Unusually, Louisiana holds a combined primary for all candidates, Democrat and Republican, with the top two vote-winners going forward to a run-off. Even more unusual is for a candidate to win outright on the first round, which is what Mr Jindal managed, polling an impressive 54% of the primary vote. Perhaps most remarkable of all is that Mr Jindal, who is Indian-American as well as very young, has overturned what had been supposed to be deep-seated prejudice. Four years ago, his defeat by Ms Blanco was widely viewed as proof that the state’s “Bubbas”—rednecks uncomfortable with politicians who don’t look like them—had not evolved.

Only a self-centered Ivy league journalist ignoramous would confuse a simple life (redneck, bubba) with a simple mind. You would think Jeff Foxworthy would have opened the elitist eyes for them! But they don’t get the joke. Us southern rednecks don’t laugh at Foxworthy because he describes us so well. We laugh because he describes so well how the elitist idiots see us. It’s like are slow drawal accents. People assume it is because we think slow, when actually it gives us more time to enjoy the frustration of those who cannot handle a paced conversation.

If the media mythology abouty Katrina was being taken seriously by the people of Louisiana, then the GOP would be on the skids there. Clearly no one in that fine state has fed into the BS from the NY and DC media propagandists. LOL! And why would they???

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  1. Terrye says:

    In truth I think that a lot of people in Louisiana think everyone screwed up Katrina. We should remember however, that a storm like that will overwhelm just anybody.

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    To some extent they see neighboring states on the mend picking themselves up and dusting themselves off.

    Locally they see the fact that there is a bundle of authorized cash already funded that is just sitting there doing nothing because of local government ability to create , structure and manage programs to get the money to where it needs to go. New Orleans in particular relied on historic weather patterns and hurricane paths that on review show that over the years they mainly get edge effects of hurricanes which hit for the most part east or west of them.

    When they finally lost to this game of dodging the bullet they were not prepared to do what needed to be done or even if they were they executed it with notable failure.

    Add to that the well known history for corruption and a bribe in every pocket and a vastly different form of governmental organizational situation around Parish government it is hard to fit conventional programs into a political system they were never modeled for. Don’t try to swap the word Parish for county, it simply doesn’t work, the whole political structure is at major variation to the more recognized county government type structure.

  3. ivehadit says:

    Not to beat a dead horse, but New Orleans’s mayor and governor did not implement their own preparedness and emergency plan. And for a city as unique as New Orleans, surrounded by water and many bridges over that water, that spells total disaster for which nothing could be done prevent. One shot or else. And both government officials knew that. Heck everyone in New Orleans knew that. I lived there 20 years…we all knew that it took at least 72 hours to evacuate the city. And we all knew that New Orleans proper is/was a poor city.

    So I get more than peeved at those who say, we learned this or that from Katrina. Bunk. It was the levy that was built on peat that broke way and flooded New Orleans…not the wind. There was little if anything to learn from that storm except this: Louisiana did not have competent public officials to handle a hurricane. Period.

    I believe now they have sought to change that.

    And the big little secret is that the democrat party in Louisiana was trying to cover-up the incompetence…which backfired on them bigtime. FIXING THE PROBLEMS IN NOLA WAS NEVER ABOUT YOU, DEMS! It was always about helping the good people of Louisiana. And now we shall see if all those entrenched democrats are going to step up and really try to help Jindal turn that state around. If not, they should all get the boot. Enough is enough.