Oct 25 2007

Beauchamp Was A Liar And A Fraud – Big Surprise?

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Scott Beauchamp is now an admitted liar and a fraud given what Matt Drudge was able to turn up on the darling of the leftwing fantasy merchants. I am not sure which is worst – the liar or the gullible fanatics who bought his BS (it was obvious folks – unless you live in a TV-world fantasy where out of control military personnel are considered ‘normal’).

I guess I think the ones who are absolutely the worst are the ones who cannot let go of the idea our military is savaging Iraqis – when we all know they are working to protect them against the proven (documented on film) savagery of al-Qaeda’s Islamo Fascist. While Beauchamp was penning fiction about our soldiers running over dogs, real Iraqi children were being forces to watch their family beheaded and then tied to the body of their father and thrown in the river – where the dad became an anchor to the child’s death. People who cannot see the criminal denial in this comparison of fiction and brutality beyond the pale are the ones who I think are the worst examples of supporting evil through deliberately ignoring its presence, and pretending evil lurks anywhere but where the blood starts flowing.

To be honest, to make the Iraq war seen as a positive the stories of al-Qaeda atrocities need to start coming out. When Americans see the horrors Iraqis suffered at the hands of al-Qaeda and see them now marching in the streets in defiance of al-Qaeda, it will sink in what we did in Iraq. And that we succeeded.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:


  2. Good Captain says:


    I’d encourage you to take a look at Michael Yon’s (on National Review) latest concerning Sgt Beauchamp and this debacle. While I agree w/ your sentiment on what was done by the sgt and especially TNR, Yon’s article makes some good points on not throwing the proverbial baby out w/ the bath water.

    In light of his points, I hope the Sgt has grown and will continue to grow in maturity as a result of his actions.

  3. crosspatch says:


    The guy is a PFC … PRIVATE First Class but he MIGHT have made Sp4 by now. He isn’t an officer, commissioned or non-commissioned.

  4. Good Captain says:

    Sorry Patch. My mistake.

  5. MerlinOS2 says:

    He made SP4 in the past and got busted back to PFC long before this issue occurred.