Oct 15 2007

Why Should Dems Stop Using Child Props On Healthcare?

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Why should Dems stop using child props on healthcare when the far right is doing such a bang up job of crashing and burning by missing the entire point of the debate? Don’t attack the people used to front for the programs, show how screwed these same people would be if they had to live under socialized medicine! Describe the lines to get treatment and the fact mothers-to-be with challenging pregnancies are being shipped across the Canadian border to the US where they can get care. Then the Dems would be the ones imploading in the media. The fact the Dems keep going this direction is clear evidence it is paying off for them. Geez, how hard is this?

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:


    It is the same as we have been saying all along but was lost in the noise blinder.

    We sympathize with the plight of the children and willingly provide the SCHIP program for that purpose. However that does not excuse the poor long term history of choice by the adults in the family.

    It was never an effort to deamonize the kids, that was the lefts false screaming point tactic, it was an effort to point out that the chosen spokesman for the left illustrated the faults with the program and if anything was an example of why the program should not be expanded into even higher income brackets.

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    The CBO recently (notice the timing) came out with a report that over the next 5 years just to maintain the current program will require and injection of 14 Billion in funding.

    So even a compromise between the 5 Billion and 35 Billion price tags will barely hold the status quo.

    If you really try to add 4 million kids to the program the end cost once you did would probably project out to somewhere north of 50 Billion over the next 5 years maybe even more.

  3. mike volpe says:

    The reason that they use it is because it is effective. We can all cynically snicker at their use of little kids to get their message across but guess what it works. The polls show it. Everyone must wake up to the fact that this is a huge political loser for the Reps. If they are to win they must start fighting fire with fire. In order to do that, it is the Rep leadership that must start getting out front on how these families are themselves corrupting the system, how the families they are choosing are already covered by SCHIP. They must be the ones saying that Dems are purposely not choosing families that would be covered by SCHIP under the new plan because if they did Americans would be perverted by how corrupt it would be.

    Here is how I analyzed the situation…