Sep 26 2007

The Atrocities Of al-Qaeda Continue (II)

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al-Qaeda has stepped up its campaign of violence and bloodshed against Iraqi Muslims. So much the streets must be running red with the blood of al-Qaeda’s victims:

Bomb attacks killed 59 people and wounded more than 120 across Iraq yesterday raising the toll in a three-day surge of bloodletting to more than 70.

In a mainly Shi’ite district of southwest Baghdad, twin car bombs killed 32 people in one of the biggest attacks to hit the Iraqi capital in weeks.

The bombs detonated shortly before dusk when most people were preparing for the evening Ramadan meal.

In northern Iraq a suicide bomber killed 10 people and wounded nine when he struck at the home of a tribal leader opposed to Al Qaeda near the town of Sinjar. The bomber’s target, Sheikh Kanan Al Juhaimur, was wounded.

At the start of Ramadan two weeks ago Al Qaeda vowed to escalate attacks and specifically said it would target tribal leaders co-operating with security forces.

“There has indeed been an increase in violence in the last few days, largely in areas in which Al Qaeda in Iraq operates and with Al Qaeda in Iraq signatures,” a US military spokesman said.

“This was an increase that was actually expected some weeks ago given past upturns in violence during Ramadan,” he told a news conference. The number of attacks was down from levels last year and roughly in line with 2005.

Ramadan means “slay Muslims as sacrifices to Allah” to Bloody Bin Laden’s thugs. Actually, I doubt Bin Laden has control over these madmen, but they get all the credit for them and deservedly so. These butchers claim alliance if not allegiance to al-Qaeda, and this is the kind of mindless brutality Bin Laden has unleashed on Islam. No human being can sit by and watch this happen day after day and pretend this is all for a good cause. al-Qaeda is all-in, even though they lost the hand months ago. They are not even smart enough to stop and give Iraqis and other Muslims some time to think of some rationale to continue to support al-Qaeda. The bloodlust has al-Qaeda in its grip and they just keep the Muslim blood flowing.

At this rate the war will be over by next summer and al-Qaeda will be known throughout the world as nothing more than butchering scum. They will never be confused with a possible superior and bright future for humanity. Never. Especially by Muslims. al-Qaeda will be to the Muslims as the Nazis are to the Jews. With good reason.

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