Sep 26 2007

The Atrocities Of al-Qaeda Continue

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al-Qaeda is now dedicated to the strategy of massacring Muslims in order to prove their superiority to everyone else on the planet. It is a self-destructive path which is only going to raise the ire and hate of the Muslim community. It is this very brutality that turned al-Qaeda’s most likely tribal allies, the Iraqi Sunnis, against al-Qaeda. Most Iraq Sunni tribes have sworn on the Koran to destroy al-Qaeda. Given al-Qaeda’s atrocities this is not hard to understand. The following image of a kidnapped 3 year old boy’s now dead body being carried by his bereaved father is going to echo across Iraq and the entire Muslim world:

The AP tag line and story that goes with this image it makes the image all the more haunting to the soul:

The body of three-year-old Mahmoud Modher, who was found dead in al-Aswad village three days after he was kidnapped, is carried by his father from the morgue in Baqouba

A suicide truck bomber struck a Sunni tribal leader’s house near the Syrian border on Wednesday, killing at least five people in the latest attack by suspected Sunni extremists on provincial officials and tribal figures.

Elsewhere in northern Iraq, a parked car bomb also exploded near a group of black market gasoline vendors, killing another five people and wounding seven, police said. Another bomb struck wounded victims as they were being taken to the hospital.

Is this causing the Sunnis to turn on the Americans and the Iraqi government? Or are these atrocities going to strengthen the resolve of the Iraqis to support the current government and join forces in killing al-Qaeda? We can see some indications of where the anwer is going to land with the responses from the bombing of the peace effort in Diyala (previous post here):

An al-Qaida front group — the Islamic State of Iraq — also claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing near the entrance of a mosque where a U.S.-promoted reconciliation meeting was being held late Monday in Baqouba, the Diyala provincial capital 35 miles northeast of Baghdad. The police chief and two other senior officers were among the 24 people the military said were killed.

Diyala provincial leaders pledged to push ahead with efforts to bring Shiites and Sunnis together.

“This attack will not stop the provincial government’s efforts to reconcile the tribes and help them put aside their differences to achieve unity,” said provincial Gov. Raad Rashid al-Tamimi, who was among the 37 wounded.

All al-Qaeda is doing is increasing the level of resistence to themselves by carrying out these attacks on the Iraqis. They are pushing the Iraqis into strengthening their alliances with each other and making the democratic Iraq work. The alternative is too horrible for most Iraqis to conceive. The Islamo Fascists are NOT an option to democracy. It is becoming the reason why democracy is now imperative to the Iraqis, as a way to avoid the jackboot oppression and horrors of Bloody Bin Laden’s thugs.

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