Sep 17 2007

Greenspan (Not Bush) Viewed Removing Saddam Key To World Economy

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Those whacky leftists have screwed up in reverse again. In a pathetic example of mob projection the lefties were all atwitter yesterday about Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan’s comments about the removal of Saddam was about oil. In their delusional fantasies the liberals thought Greenspan was talking about the motives of Bush/Cheney – but it turns out Greenspan as discussing HIS OWN views on removing Saddam:

Greenspan, who was the country’s top voice on monetary policy at the time Bush decided to go to war in Iraq, has refrained from extensive public comment on it until now, but he made the striking comment in a new memoir out today that “the Iraq War is largely about oil.” In the interview, he clarified that sentence in his 531-page book, saying that while securing global oil supplies was “not the administration’s motive,” he had presented the White House with the case for why removing Hussein was important for the global economy.

“I was not saying that that’s the administration’s motive,” Greenspan said in an interview Saturday, “I’m just saying that if somebody asked me, ‘Are we fortunate in taking out Saddam?’ I would say it was essential.”

Those poor liberals! Greenspan was pointing out a side benefit to removing Saddam, one he viewed as an economic side effect. But it was not Bush or Cheney making the claim. Maybe now all the clucking and clattering Chicken Littles will be able to settle down again – and wait for their next opportunity to make total fools of themselves. I give them a day before we see them off on another screwy conspiracy theory rant.

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  1. Terrye says:

    They also think that Greenspan is in love with the Clintons. Greenspan liked the idea of getting rid of deficits, but he is no fan of high taxes or entitlements. I doubt that he would be a fan of Hillary’s new $110 billion a year health care plan.

    But in truth it is obvious that allowing a madman like Saddam to control that much oil was a threat to the world economy.