Sep 13 2007

Iraqi Hero Assassinated By al-Qaeda

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al-Qaeda knows now that it has more than America fighting against it – it has the Iraqi people now in full opposition. And their answer to this enormous setback is to kill our allies. An Iraqi Sunni leader, who stood up to al-Qaeda and allied with us, has now been assassinated by al-Qaeda, showing the brutal truth of Iraq:

A bomb attack killed the leader of a U.S.-backed Sunni Muslim alliance that was praised by President George W. Bush for trying to drive al-Qaeda out of Iraq.

Sheik Sattar Abu Reesha was head of the Anbar Awakening Council, a tribal alliance that fought the Sunni al-Qaeda group in the western province of al-Anbar. At least one of his bodyguards also died when a bomb tore apart Abu Reesha’s car today near his home in the provincial capital of Ramadi, state television said.

The White House condemned the assassination and pledged to “continue to stand with the leaders and people of Iraq.” Abu Reesha’s efforts to “bring peace and security to Anbar and other regions of Iraq exemplify the courage and determination of the Iraqi people,” National Security Council spokeswoman Katherine L. Starr said in an e-mailed statement.

If Democrats need to see why the war in Iraq is key to beating al-Qaeda in Muslim world this is the best example. We have found sincere and courageous allies and they now are under attack by our common enemy. These people dedicated their efforts to our victims of 9-11, and we need to honor their efforts and their sacrifices. We need to stand by these brave people and finish our work in Iraq. Failure is not an option.

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  1. Terrye says:

    Today when I was driving home from work I heard about this on the car radio. I do not remember what idiot Democrat they were talking to but he said this just proves that Patreaus was full of it when he gave us some rosey picture of things in Iraq….I was so disgusted I turned off the radio. The guy was practically cackling with glee, the ghoul.

    First of all no one said it was rosey, not Bush or Patreaus or anyone else and if the Democrats have their way AlQaida will doing a lot more of this, not less.

  2. dhunter says:

    What would this country be like if the 4th plane on 9/11 had been headed for the hollow halls of the US Senate or congress and arrived instead of being taken down in a field by freedom loving Americans on board?
    Would we still be considering Cut and run, Surrender?

  3. owl says:

    I have been hearing the same thing Terrye. Sick.

    Just wait until the President gives his speech. From what I hear he is going to say………I expect to see their heads explode. It is going to be the biggest, loudest push against Bush yet by every Dem MSM. I have my fingers crossed that Malkin will not find some newly discovered Bush friend deeply embedded in his administration to uncover and proclaim ‘incompetent’ just to give them a helping hand.

    So what does that last sentence have to do with the above post? It goes to the subject of standing by brave people who are fighting and keeping your word. Bush has been accused of being ‘loyal’ as if it is a crime. I don’t think he will forget Abu Reesha nor commitments he made to this country. The Dems are going to go nuts over his speech.