Sep 13 2007

Top al-Qaeda Leader Captured In Afghanistan

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The top al-Qaeda liason between al-Qaeda leaders hiding out in the Afghan-Pak tribal areas and al-Qaeda in Iraq has been captured and is in US custody at GITMO:

An Afghan national accused of enabling the movement of Al-Qaeda operatives in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and Iraq has been transferred to the US detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the Pentagon said Wednesday.

The Pentagon said he was captured recently “as a result of ongoing Department of Defense operations against violent extremists in Afghanistan,” identifying the detainee as “Inayatullah.” Some Afghans have only one name.

“Due to the continuing threat this terror suspect represents and his high placement in Al Qaeda, he has been transferred to Guantanamo,” it said in a statement.

The Pentagon said he had admitted to being the “Al-Qaeda emir of Zahedan, Iran and planned and directed Al-Qaeda terrorist operations.

No word yet from the Dems as to whether they will demand this animal come to the US, be given full rights to a trial and supplied an ACLU lawyer free of charge (what the propose for all prisoners at GITMO).

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5 Responses to “Top al-Qaeda Leader Captured In Afghanistan”

  1. Cobalt Shiva says:

    OK, strap him to a chair.

    Give him a choice between talking, or being forced to listen to the following iPod playlist:

    Achy Breaky
    William Shatner’s rendition of Tambourine Man
    The collected works of Barry Manilow
    The collected works of Yoko Ono

    He’ll talk.

  2. Don’t forget, he’s eligble for Work Release, Parole, Food Stamps, Welfare, Medicaid, a Green Card, and a night in the Lincoln Bedroom; all courtesy of the Letfitst Nutbags like “Bootlicker”

  3. The Macker says:

    That’s deadly!

    You are hard hearted.

  4. Macker: Yes, I am… 😉

  5. owl says:

    You know this could make a good ad. Lucianne has a cartoon up today that is the best I have seen and paints a good effective picture.

    GOP………are you listening? What you need is to do something that is EFFECTIVE (for a change). You have been given the ammo but the only one I see using it is Rudy. My streetfighter immediately called Hillary out. Day One. My streetfighter has demanded that the NYTs give him the same discounted price as they gave Moveon. Action. Hitting many at once…..Dems….MSM….Hillary.

    Get a clue. Why do you not put a FACE on the enemy and then ask if we want him to move in next door. Ask if we want to pay his lawyer. Give him his privacy as he plots. Ask which Senator wants him to come to a prison near them and which courthouse and district wants to pick up the tab. All the ammo given freely and I never see anything done with it that’s effective. It is all piecemeal and never brought together like all the campaigns the Dems have run over and over.