Sep 11 2007

Anniversary Of 9-11

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I have been thinking about what to post for the 9-11 anniversary. Given the total denial on the left that we are in a war, that we need to monitor our enemies, that we need to interrogate our prisoners and that we need to succeed in Iraq I was tempted to write about what was wrong in this country before 9-11.

For example, before 9-11 the NSA knew the key highjackers and pilots, Atta an Shehhi and Hazmi, were in America – the NSA had intercepted their calls back to their terrorists lords via Yemen and other places. The NSA knew about them but was not allowed to tell the FBI their names or locations – thanks to the overly restrictive nature of the FISA laws. Laws which were strengthened, thus blinding us more, by the Clinton administration and one Jamie Gorelick.

This 9-10 handicap should be well understood by now, but the news media has become a propaganda tool instead of an asset to the American people. The point I wanted to make is the liberals are marching us back to another date with destiny. They want to blind us again, downplay our enemies, redirect our attention – because the war is just not helping them much politically. They have kidded themselves into thinking they are trying to do good by helping us lose when we are winning. They do not understand they are giving al-Qaeda, who now must fight the Muslim street in Iraq and Lebanon, the opportunity to survive and hit us again. Their delusions are complete, and if we listen to them we may see more images of sad bravery, like we did on 9-11.

How far is the left willing to go to lose to al-Qaeda? They were willing to accuse a US war hero by the name of General Petraeus of be a betrayer of this country. A charge, if true, which is punishable by death. They are still trying to lose in Iraq no matter what the price. Some of these deranged fools have even signed up in the military so they can plant lies about our brave soldiers. marines, airmen and sailors in the press. Liberals in Congress even claimed the guilt of soldiers before their trials even happened – trials which cleared these good people of crimes the liberals said in public they were guilty of. Thank God America is not a Nazi like state where “Leaders” can be judge and jury and executioners. The image of our brave men and women trying to turn this ugly world around into something better has been stomped on by those who see 9-11 as a political albatross for them – not something this country needs fight against. For the cold and calculating left, they need power regardless of what is best for the nation, so they smear those on the front line risking their lives while sitting sipping latte’s in their LA or NYC or DC air conditioned offices.

My view of 9-11 is it was a wake up call to a great nation that had forgotten it had a responsibility to the human race. Not that this nation is evil or the root cause of humanity’s suffering – it is not that by far. But a reminder that as long as there are those suffering, in need, in want of the kind of life we have here, there are those who can exploit those feelings and convince these poor people to try and kill us. We have seen this time and time again – from the Nazis and Imperial Japanese to the communists during the Cold War and now with the Islamo Fascists. We are the excuse used by tyrants to kill and mame and control. It is not that we are evil and as they say we are (unlike the liberals who believe every word of the despots when it comes to America), just that we are the obvious example to create mad jealousy and anger. And it is our job to diffuse these activities, handicap these dictators and offer these people other options. We will fight this fight of ideals as long as we are the shining city on the hill.

Liberals cannot fight this fight – they do not believe. They ally themselves with the brainwashed fighters who see us as evil. They work day and night to lose Iraq and give an al-Qaeda an unearned victory – as they sit on the edge of a massive defeat no less. On this 9-11 we must realize some so called Americans have decided to quit, and some are now fighting against America. It is time to recognize those who cannot or will not see this war on Islamo Fascism to a successful end for what they are. Sadly, this happens after events like this. Just like in WW II when Pearl Harbor was our fault, when stopping Japan was our fault, when people rose up to deny their ever was a Holocaust. Darwin was right – some things are best left to the dustbin of history. Darwin knew major portions of any population will be the ones who lose, who do not live on. Liberals have made their choice clear, we can now move on – as they say.

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    How do you know the US is Soothsayer’s country? He’s just a guy who has a lot of time on his hands (Wiki and Google are his best friends) and a hatred for America and just because he posts on AJ’s site does not mean he is an American. Personally, I don’t think he is. I think he is affiliated with the enemy…wait, that could make him a democrat. Which in turn would make him a seditionist and traitor but then democrat, traitor and seditionist are descriptive of pretty much the same people.

  2. Ooohhh! BarbaraS undresses “Bootlicker” in public, and proves once again, he is a “She-Male”!