Sep 10 2007

The Essence Of The Iraq Debate

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It is interesting when you see people on the opposite side of an issue divulge the essence of it – and still get it all wrong! It goes to show that intellect is needed to identify the crux of something, and then determine an a plan of action. Some can do the first part, very few can achieve both. I am bullish on Bush and Iraq because, in the long view, I have confidence humankind makes the right decisions – both in selfish and selfless sense. We are faced with decisions day in and day out which push us to be either selfless or selfish, to protect ourselves and family or go out on a limb and risk these to protect our morals. Remember this dichotomy of forces – both proper in the right context – when pondering this interesting point:

Ignatieff criticizes himself for failing to ask the hard questions. “I let emotions carry me past the hard questions, like: Can Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites hold together in peace what Saddam Hussein held together by terror?”

We have the answer already, but it should not have even been a tough call. Those who have little faith in humanity (which can only be derived from their experiences with humanity which derive from their inner selves – the most intimate experience any one of us has with humanity) would say of course peace cannot hold together what must be controlled by force. It is the haven of simple minds to impose by force what they cannot convince people is the right course. That is the failure of the left – they feel they can only succeed by imposing their views (thus ridiculous hate crime laws, limitations on Christian speech, etc).

But for those of us who can see how to move people without coersion, terror and fear (that of course also leaves out al-Qaeda) then the answer is obvious. The taste of freedom is addictive. The feeling of accomplishment and pride and making your own decisions, solving your own problems, even when imperfect, overshadows any gains or comfort from being told what to do and relying on others. It is this addictive exlixir of life – freedom – which makes living in peace an easy alternative.

I said we have the answer – and we do. al-Qaeda tried to replace Saddam’s violent hand in Iraq with their own. They brought to their strongholds the jackboot of oppression and torture. If this would be the answer in Iraq it would have flourished. People would accept the whip over insecurity of dealing with their neighbors. Not surprisingly to me the opposite happened. Sunni and Shiia and Kurds are working more and more to succeed together. When the Sunni swore on the Koran to destroy al-Qaeda and join Iraq they stated the what the result would be. All the angst and second guessing and handwringing and lying propaganda in the West will not change the verdict. Can Iraq live as one country in peace without terrorism to force co-existence? For those who care the answer is already out there. For those who are too afraid to face their own errors in judgement, and the fact their hopes hinged on humanity being as ugly has they think, then nothing will convince them. They cannot be wrong because they have to be so much better than humanity – or else they have no reason to exist.

Those are personal issues for those in the West to sort out. Right now the fact is Iraq has been making the same choice over and over again – they chose peace (checkout this post by Ed Morrissey on the attitudes in Iraq towards reconciliation). It is al-Qaeda who is trying to enforce control through terror.

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  1. cali_sun says:

    this thoughful post makes you my favorite even more. You can express your thoughts in a way I can only dream of, I guess language barrier does make if hard for me.
    My observation is clear: the total moral bankruptcy on the left, and majorite of democrats is what drives most of their decisionmaking. When one does not have a moral foundation in life, everything else is nothing but a house of cards, ready anytime to collapse.
    I really would like to know how Iraqis are feeling hearing all this rhetoric day in, and day out. I am surprised that they trust us at all, although that is due to our heroes – the soldiers, who demonstrate by action, rather that many words.
    The moral bankruptcy of the left is caused by their hatred in their hearts, which is expressed by their words coming out of their mouths. Their lust for power trumps everything. When I look back for the past 30 yrs, the moral fabric of the USA has been destroyed by the left, and if continue to left unchecked, hell is not far off.
    I am also sure that they are well aware of the damage caused by them, however the only way to feel good about their rhetoric is to tear others down, vilify them thinking they are on higher gound.
    Any christian, and anyone who has common sense should see that.
    Pres. Bush will be missed, because all he has ever demonstrated is integrity, and honor. All throughout his presidency, there is not one scandal, or selaze such it was in the prior administration.
    I can only hope that the american people take all that in consideration when voting comes around, and at least attempt to restore some type of dignity in this country by selecting a leader who stand for morals, integrity, honesty among other duties, such as Pres. Bush has demonstrated.

  2. AJStrata says:

    Many thanks Cali – and you seem quite able to express yourself, in my humble opinion.

  3. Terrye says:

    I agree with cali-sun.

  4. Soothsayer says:

    Trouble in Paradise.

    Texas’ Hunt Oil Co. and Kurdistan’s regional government said they have signed a production-sharing contract for petroleum exploration in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq, the first such deal since the Kurds passed their own oil and gas law in August.

    So the Kurds are operating as a seperate entity, ignoring the Iraqi central government, or what little of a central government there is. And Bush associated oil companies are finally getting some oil contracts out of the war, albeit by circumventing the government that we put in place and are spending 1/2 trillion dollars to prop up.

  5. cali_sun says:

    you must be bored out of your mind being among your own, because you appear to feel quite welcome on our side. Are you son insecure that nobody listens to you on your side, and hoping you get attention right here, on a grown up discussion site? Or is it simply because you starve for attention, as all of you libs do, come hell and highwater?
    I feel sorry for you everytime I hear your nonsense, and all I can say is this: “Forgive him, for he does not know what he does”!