Sep 10 2007

More SurrenderMedia Propaganda In Pictures

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The SurrenderMedia in the US, that bastion of liberal obsessiveness and Bush Derangement Syndrome (think the out of control Keith Oberman who is now polluting NFL Sunday Night Football’s pre game shows), is back at their attempt to paint the US military as the killers in Iraq – even as al-Qaeda and Iraqis both state al-Qaeda is the group killing and torturing Iraqis for PR gains. Check out this sick photo trying to show US Soldiers hunting caged children – the imagery is inescapable:

The photo, definitely staged, goes with a story doubting there is any positive effect from the Surge (and we thought the Holocaust deniers were pathetic – Iraq is happening in real time and there are still those who refuse to see evil). Is this a propaganda shot? Of course it is! When do you see a little girl with a doll behind bars being aimed at with a gun from a US soldier. No terrorists here!

Update: We can see the shadow of the photographer in the lower right hand corner. He is clearly straight out from the window where the girl is standing. If this was for real no fool would be standing in front of a window that might harbor an armed terrorist. I also wonder about the soldier – could he be one of our regular malcontent liberals who joined up to issue proganda back home? His insignia are conveniently unable to be seen. Anyway, I would suspect this was not only staged, but against orders. – end update

America doesn’t like to be fed false images to brain wash them. This will backfire because it is a juvenile attempt by the media to twist the facts about Iraq. Why not use this image?

Why not? Because it sends the wrong message to America that the “news media” did not want to send. They have an agenda and they needed a photo to promote their agenda (that is what propaganda is). I would love some of the bloggers with better contacts in the military to determine if the image above is as staged as I suspect it is.

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  1. Jacqui says:

    I was surprised that NBC put Olberman on Sunday Night Football pre-show. He is such a left wing political hack and everyone made a big thing about Rush being on ESPN – and he never mentioned politics – but Olberman does.

    As for the MSM – it is totally corrupt and not more than a propaganda arm for it’s chosen political agenda. They have worked with the DEMS to smear Petraeus and our troops – makes you question all the information you read and see. They structure polls to drive their stories. Afew years ago, a member of PEW research admitted they misrepresented polling data to get the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance bill passed. It is very dangerous for our freedom and well-being that this has happened.

  2. Terrye says:


    It does not look to me like the soldier is pointing the gun at anyone.

  3. Soothsayer says:

    It does not look to me like the soldier is pointing the gun at anyone.

    How would you know?

  4. Terrye says:

    how the hell would you soothie? You moron. Saddam put 13,000 children like that in just one mass grave and if you had your way he would still be doing the same crap, so take your self righteous line of crap and shove it.

  5. Barrasso says:

    I am not seeing the problem in this photo, he isn’t pointing his gun at the kid, and the kid isn’t in a tiny kid jail, those bars are to keep people out not in. Way to read too much into that.