Sep 06 2007

Germany’s Terror Troubles Not Yet Over

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It seems while Germany has detained three terrorists in a massive bombing attempt, it is now learned that ten other terrorists are still possibly on the loose:

German police are hunting ten further Islamic radicals involved in a narrowly thwarted plot to blow up hundreds of people in German airports, bars and restaurants.

”There are Germans, there are Turks, there are other nationalities,” said August Hanning, the deputy Interior Minister who is co-ordinating the search with the intelligence services.

Three men – two Germans and a Turk – were arrested yesterday after a spectacular police operation foiled an attempt to convert some 750 kilos of hydrogen peroxide into powerful explosives.

”There is no further danger to Germans from this terror cell,” said Mr Hanning. “But there is still a mission to carry out attacks within Germany and this mission worries us.”

I am not convinced 10 terrorists on the run attempting to gain access to heaven and their portion of virgins means there is no further danger – but I applaud the German government for avoiding their 9-11 or 7/7.

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  1. Terrye says:

    Don’t forget that Atta lived in Hamburg for awhile.