Sep 05 2007

Germans Also Foil Major Terrorist Attack

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First we had the Danes foil a big terrorist attack in their country, now the Germans have foiled another terrorist attack that included attacks on America:

German police arrested three people suspected of planning “massive” terrorist attacks on U.S. and other targets in the country, preventing the deaths of “many, many people,” the Chief Federal Prosecutor Monika Harms said.

The suspects, two Germans and a Turkish national, were arrested yesterday at a house in Oberschledorn, a village in the western state of North-Rhine Westphalia, officials said. Bomb- making materials and military detonators were also seized. The trio are alleged members of a local cell of the Islamist terrorist organization Jihad Union, which has links to al-Qaeda, Harms told reporters in the southern city of Karlsruhe today.

Police foiled “one of the worst terror acts ever planned in Germany,” Harms said. “We’ve said repeatedly for months that Germany is in the sights of Islamist terrorism and that we have to be vigilant.”

More here:

Federal prosecutor Monika Harms told a news conference that the men, two German nationals and one Turk, had obtained enough materials to make a bomb with an explosive power equal to 550-kilogrammes of TNT and that an attack appeared imminent.

“Thanks to the cooperation of federal and local police over several months we were able to discover and pursue the planning and preparation and in the end prevent massive bomb attacks,” Harms told a news conference.

Harms said she could not confirm reports that the accused were targeting the Frankfurt airport and U.S. military base in Ramstein, but said they had been observed scouting out U.S. installations such as discos, pubs, or airports.

We must win in Iraq to make sure al-Qaeda and its cousin Islamo Fascist organizations do not gain a large base of operations with unlimited resources from which to attack us. And, we need the NSA to continue monitoring terrorists as they plan their attacks so we can continue to see foiled attacks instead of repeats of 9-11 and other al-Qaeda success in London, Madrid, Bali, India, Jordan and elsewhere.

al-Qaeda is trying to send a message to the Surrendercrats in Congress. They need the pliant news media to help them scare everyone into submission. It is time the Surrendercrats (aka Democrats) and the SurrenderMedia let al-Qaeda know they will not continue their efforts for defeat as long as al-Qaeda is bombing people anywhere in the world. Will the Dems and Media have the spine to do this? Wait and see.

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