Sep 05 2007

Congress Is Just As Unpopular As Bush Regarding Iraq

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Congress is in deep trouble when it comes to Iraq, clearly, national defense. While the latest Harris Poll has bad news for Bush – who is all-in in terms of attempting to succeed in Iraq – the news is just as bad for Congress. And they must face the voters in 2008:

President George W. Bush continues to get low marks from the American people on his handling of Iraq. Two-thirds (67%) believe his job performance on handling Iraq is negative with almost half (48%) saying it is poor. Just over one-quarter (28%) give the President’s handling of Iraq positive marks.

Just over one-quarter (27%) say they would trust Congress more while just under one-quarter (23%) say they would trust the White House more. Most telling is that 38 percent say they would trust neither in a policy disagreement over Iraq and 12 percent are not sure who to trust.

Given this is an on-line poll of adults (not registered voters) the news is grim for the Democrats. If the poll has a margin of error of +/- 2% (which I would guess it does given the sample size) then Bush and Congress are supported by equal amounts. What will kill the Democrsts is if Petraeus and Crocker and events on the ground show the tide is turning in Iraq and America see a strong chance of success. Then those now not aligned with Bush or Congress will shift to Bush’s corner.

But this won’t help the GOP, who has become as ardent in their anti-Bush rhetoric as the far left. The GOP will get the same cold shoulder as Congress, for failing to back a President during a time of war. A reputation they have, sadly, earned.

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3 Responses to “Congress Is Just As Unpopular As Bush Regarding Iraq”

  1. Terrye says:

    I really do wonder about the polls. I mean, who likes a war? I know I don’t. I think that there are times when the use of military force is necessary, but I would be hard pressed to give any war high marks.

    I have to agree about the GOP.

  2. ivehadit says:

    Right on about the spineless senators and representatives in the GOP.

  3. ivehadit says:

    And it seems the conservatives are deciding not to play ball. If so, I will NEVER, EVER forgive them for allowing a democrat into the White House, thus destroying our futures for our children and grandchildren.