Aug 18 2007

Going After The Remnants Of al-Qaeda In Iraq

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al-Qaeda has been chased from large population centers in Anbar and Diyala Provinces (as well as others around Baghdad) to the point where they are now dispersed into small, temporary enclaves. Much of this has been due to the fact the local Iraqis are turning en masse against al-Qaeda. Many are tipping authorities off to al-Qaeda locations and others are taking up arms. The repeated media events with Iraqi Muslims swearing on the Koran to destroy al-Qaeda has made being al-Qaeda in Iraq a very dangerous profession. The Surge and the concurrent rising up of the Muslim street has dispersed al-Qaeda into smaller, distributed targets which can now be cleaned out rapidly by US and Iraqi forces:

Military operations launched since America’s troop buildup have helped coalition forces retake some territory in main population centers from extremists, he said, adding that militants have now moved to remote areas. He noted this week’s devastating bomb attack in two remote northern villages that officials say killed at least 500 people.
“Due to the constant pressure and depletion of their leadership, extremists have been pushed out of many population centers and are on the move, seeking other places to operate within the country,” Odierno told a Pentagon press conference by video from Baghdad.

“As a result, we are now in pursuit of al-Qaeda and other extremist elements, and we’ll continue to aggressively target their shrinking areas of influence,” he said.

“Over the coming weeks, we plan to conduct quick-strike raids against remaining extremist sanctuaries and staging areas,” Odierno said.

Mopping up operations. al-Qaeda has become impotent and more the enemy of Iraq than America. They can attempt to continue to murder Muslims in large numbers as if this has any hope of changing their fortunes. Or they can give up for now and try and survive long enough to learn from their mistakes and win back some credibility and respect in the Muslim street. I do not think al-Qaeda is smart enough to stop their bloody ways, which leaves them enemies of the people of Iraq, exposed and easy targets.

In other news Iraqi leaders are meeting this weekend to find some kind of political successes they can put in place to buy time in the US Congress to finish setting up the country. If they can find some compromises they will be adding political progress to the smashing military successes in Iraq in the report to Congress next month. What the Kurds and Shiia need to do is meet some of the key demands of the Sunnis, who now hold the cards to Iraq’s future. This is not a surprise – Sunnis are using what leverage they have to gain concessions. That IS democracy.

Anyway, a report with contains military success and political progress will neuter the Surrendercrats and give Iraq the breathing room needed to finish the job. In fact, the Surrendercrats are already being neutered by other democrats who are more level headed and want America to succeed. H/T Macranger.

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  1. kathie says:

    I read that Maliki flew to Tikrit to meet with tribal leaders. He has Allawi breathing down his neck, this is good and democracy at work.

  2. Terrye says:

    I think Allawi wants Maliki’s job. Why anyone would is beyond me. I do hope Maliki is able to find some common ground and I hope that we see no more attacks like the recent one that killed hundreds. I think that when people say they do not like the war, this is really what they are talking about.

    And who could like such a thing? Some times I find the question insipid.