Jul 03 2007

Fitzgerald Blows His Cover

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Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has just proved he was out for more than just justice in his witch hunt for Libby – he opened his mouth and moaned about Bush’s legal right to commute sentences. It is well past time to investigate Fitzgerald for prosecutorial abuse and lying to both The US Court of Appeals and The US Supreme Court in his filings where he claimed he had do find out who leaked Valerie’s name to the media. We all know now he did know, but filed these lies to these two courts anyway.

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  1. reader2007 says:

    From the Editors of National Review Online:

    “…Now that George W. Bush has commuted that sentence, the president’s critics are howling, throwing out the kind of overheated rhetoric that gave birth to the special prosecutor’s investigation in the first place. But the president took care to point out that he respects the jury’s verdict, and that Libby’s conviction still stands. And no one could deny that Libby, who will still have to pay a $250,000 fine, who will likely be disbarred, and who lost his high position in government, has paid a heavy price.

    We wish the president had chosen a pardon. But as it is, he has removed the most onerous burden facing Libby as a result of this strange and maddening case, and for that we applaud him.”

    Perhaps its because of their hissyfitting with the immigration bill, but doesn’t this passage sounds a little snotty? Its funny, the hissyfitters throw out the elitist argument to attack the immigration bill supporters, but I wonder who the real elites are. Just a funny thought.

    I am beginning to find myself just posting the oppositions’ (to the immigration bill) comments regarding current events. And I thank AJ for his patience in allowing me to post these and comment about them. But it obviously shows that because of the immigration bill debacle, my animosity for the radical conservatives have grown tremendously.

    I consider myself to be quite moderate and laid back on my views. I wonder if my ongoing evolution more towards the moderate end of the Republican spectrum can be used as an indicator of what is going on in the general public. We shall see in November of 2008. Hopefully, the next president will have a spine like GW.

  2. reader2007 says:

    Oops. Wrong post to comment under……sorry

  3. The Macker says:

    It would seem the “radical conservatives” are radical on one issue only.And, I don’t think their position there is particularly “conservative”, since it ignores economics and stereotypes ethnic groups. I think they are an older, embittered “throwback” segment of the right who can’t understand modern tools for problem solving.

    The Republican Party should welcome the immigrants and replace the old “die-hards” with these young families.

  4. colin says:


    I hope you don’t my another off-topic comment, but I want to respond. Go ahead and delete my post if you want to put this comment thread back on track.


    Personally, it doesn’t bother me too much if people want to advocate for a full pardon, as long as they say that the President did the right thing in issuing the commutation, and that he took a risk in doing it. As long as those basic facts are enunciated, I’m fine with quibbling over whether Bush should have granted a pardon or clemency. So far, the majority of the commentary on this subject has stated up front that Bush did the right thing, made the right decision. If they want to say that they still think a pardon would have been better, I’m fine with that.

    Anyway, that’s just my opinion.

  5. owl says:

    If Nifong did something wrong at his news conference, what in heavens name explains Fitz’s?

    He deliberately lied to the public at that presser. He was not so busy that he got the ‘dates’ wrong, or his ‘facts’ confused. No, the man is no different from Nifong and Earle. If he had wagged his finger and said “Now I want all of you to listen to me, Scooter Libby was the first person to LEAK Valerie Plame’s name”………oh that’s right…………he did say that! What a liar with God like power. He prosecutes a truly busy man for ‘lying’ about a liar, while he is lying through his teeth to the public. Miller in jail for 85 days when he knew about Armitage as he was lying to the court. Dog ate his only ‘evidence’ of Russert and meanwhile he KNEW Russert was lying about cooperation. Geesh………

  6. Jacqui says:

    Libby was the defense attorney for Marc Rich and assisted in preparing the documents for Rich used by Clinton in the Rich pardon. The prosecutor going after Rich was Fitzgerald. He obviously had some ill feelings against Libby that may have clouded his logic on this case. This could also apply to the NYT Judith Miller who he had put in prison in an attempt (so he said) to find the leaker. She had received leaked information in a previous Fitz case.

    The award for the ultimate shame though goes to Armitage for whom Libby worked a case pro bono. Armitage repaid Libby’s generosity by letting Libby twist in the wind when Armitage knew he himself was the leaker and Libby was being unjustly tarred as the “leaker” in Fitz’ presser.

  7. Terrye says:

    This whole thing was a waste of taxpayers time and money. It really was. Will this help Bush with the radicals? Who knows, even if it does it will only be a matter of time before they find something else to be betrayed about. The crybabies.

  8. ivehadit says:

    I wonder what soothie has to say about Kirsten’s and the other democrat strategist on O’Reilly saying that this was a travesty of justice in the first place and should never have been brought to trial, a waste of tax payer money…

    Just wondering…

    And for those who WON’T SEE, the appeals process REMOVES any guilt and penalties for Libby who is INNOCENT. A pardon ADMITS GUILT. Geeze.

  9. cali_sun says:

    Fitzgerald is another run-away proscecutor with a political agenda. Libby did not commit the underlying crime. Upon knowledge by Fitzgerald regarding the leak by Armitage, the case should have been closed.
    Why is Armitage not been tried? Most likely because there was no crime committed; Wilson outed his wife long before Armitage, and Novak. Just because of Tim Russerts different recollection of a conversation does not make Libby guilty of perjury, and this trial was a great mis-justice.
    One can only hope that it will see the light of day, and Fitzgerald will be brought up on charges as well, and can greet his partner Nifong, they one and the same!